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I’d a Baked Cake | Tacoma Food Photography

One of the things I really enjoy about my work as a photographer is that I get to meet other creatives. They might be photographers, or they might be an artist in a totally different medium, like Emily. She is an amazing baker. Mixing flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, and butter to make the most delicious edible work of art. What a treat! I had so much fun with this lifestyle session. If you are one of my Environmental Portrait clients, this is another example of how I can help tell your story. By the way, I have one more of these sessions up for grabs, hurry though, you have to schedule your session by Wednesday, April 1st! For my brides out there, Emily makes amazing treats and also has a few gluten free recipes up her sleeve, the smaller of these two cakes was GF and DELISH! To find out more about Emily’s business and treats, go to

For my brides and event clients, Emily makes amazing treats and also has a few gluten free recipes up her sleeve, the smaller of these two cakes was GF and DELISH! To find out more about her business and offerings, go to Sweet Things by EH.

Ready to get a sugar rush? Okay, go!

2015-03-28_0009FIP_SweetThings (5 of 65)FIP_SweetThings (8 of 65)2015-03-28_0005

If I knew you were comin’ I’d’ve baked a cake
baked a cake, baked a cake
If I knew you were comin’ I’d’ve baked a cake
Howd-ya do, howd-ya do, howd-ya do FIP_SweetThings (18 of 65)FIP_SweetThings (30 of 65)FIP_SweetThings (20 of 65)FIP_SweetThings (22 of 65)2015-03-28_0004

Had you dropped me a letter
I’d a-hired a band
Grandest band in the land
Had you dropped me a letter
I’d a-hired a band
Spread the welcome mat for youFIP_SweetThings (14 of 65)FIP_SweetThings (28 of 65)2015-03-28_0010FIP_SweetThings (29 of 65)Oh, I don’t know where you came from
‘Cause I don’t know where you’ve been
But it really doesn’t matter
Grab a chair and fill your platter
And dig, dig, dig right in
2015-03-28_0003FIP_SweetThings (41 of 65)2015-03-28_0002If I knew you were comin’ I’d’ve baked a cake
Hired a band, goodness sake

2015-03-28_0007If I knew you were comin’ I’d’ve baked a cake
Howd-ya do, howd-ya do, howd-ya do2015-03-28_0006

Howd-ya do, howd-ya do, howd-ya do
Howd-ya do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oohFIP_SweetThings (55 of 65)2015-03-28_0008Emily, let’s get together again soon, you bake & I can shoot!

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is everywhere. It has no boundaries, it shows up all around us – secret messages hoping to be read.

Love is beautiful and sweet.

When you see it, it will make you smile from deep down inside.

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PatriciaKirstenWedding_0373FIP (2 of 5)-2

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Today, I challenge you to share YOUR love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and, by the way,

talk to the hand

Tina’s Traveling Nails | Environmental Portrait Session | Tacoma, Washington

On the last day of January, I photographed the first of what I hope will be many more, environmental portrait sessions. Have you heard about the Nail Fairy?

WebReady_FIP (27 of 76)

WebReady_FIP (14 of 76)

I was so inspired by Tina’s actions, and when she responded to my instagram post, I was thrilled! What an awesome idea to bring a bit of pampering and normalcy to these kids. Martina is a Tacoma creative who spends a portion of her month as the Nail Fairy, but she can also be found working at the downtown Tacoma salon, Harlequin Hair Designs. As her business name suggests, she can also be found all over Tacoma doing in-home manicure and pedicure visits, hence her business name, Tina’s Traveling Nails.

WebReady_FIP (5 of 76)WebReady_FIP (9 of 76)WebReady_FIP (10 of 76)

WebReady_FIP (47 of 76)

This is Tina’s faithful sidekick, Charm. She adds a little extra love and lap warming during your pedi-mani experience.

WebReady_FIP (23 of 76)

The salon is bright and fun, but most of all, comfortable. This was something that both Tina and her business partner, Heather both really wanted to make sure of. The space is located on the second floor, so you feel like you are up in the trees and have a great view of the sound from the big windows. While I was there, the conversation drifted from what people were making for their Superbowl parties, to pet jelly fish! WebReady_FIP (55 of 76)WebReady_FIP (16 of 76)WebReady_FIP (39 of 76)WebReady_FIP (1 of 76) WebReady_FIP (35 of 76)WebReady_FIP (52 of 76)

Tina often gets asked, “what does it look like when you travel? Can you really set up anywhere?” Nothing a little suitcase on wheels can’t handle, and we were off to her last client of the day. What a treat to get to visit her client Laura’s beautiful home!WebReady_FIP (57 of 76)WebReady_FIP (69 of 76)WebReady_FIP (59 of 76)Tina, thank you so much for having me along for the afternoon. You have amazing clients and mad skills with that tiny paint brush of yours! I can’t wait to come in for a little nail love soon.


What a great response I have had so far to my call for Pacific Northwest creatives, this project has me so excited. I have one more of these promo- sessions available. Do you know a Tacoma creative or small business who would love to participate? I would love to hear from them.

Keep chasing that light,


Dance | Tacoma Family Photography

Sometimes, you just have to pick a spot of sunshine, and dance.

FocusInPhotography (6 of 6)

Polka dots and shoes are optional.


“Dance first. Think later.
It’s the natural order.”

Samuel Beckett

FocusInPhotography (3 of 6)Make sure to twirl and spin and giggle along the way.
FocusInPhotography (1 of 6)

Walk in the Woods | Tacoma Family Photography

Seattle_CSA (2 of 5)

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”
-Lewis Carroll

It’s winter time in the Pacific Northwest. That means, lots of rain. And if it isn’t raining, the sky is filled with fog. Which can be beautiful, but hard to motivate any outdoor activities. But on Saturday we decided to bundle up, and pull on our “squishy boots” and go for a hike. A quick drive to Point Defiance Park, and we were in the trees. We could have stayed on the paved 5 Mile Drive, but chose to go walking along a muddy path. Under layers of tree branches and rain drops, the kids’ voices echoed through the air. We hardly saw the boy or the dog, who ran up ahead of the rest of us. I watched as the light played in the trees and loved when the girl stepped into a pocket of light in her pink and white striped rain gear.  My mom had her big golf umbrella, and the colors were perfect compliments to the green and browns of the forest. About an hour and a half later, our heads were cleared, lungs full of fresh wet air,  and our legs felt strong. We each had a big bowl of soup and some hot chocolate back at the house and slept away a small portion of the afternoon, I love a sleepy Saturday!Seattle_CSA (2 of 5)

Seattle_CSA (1 of 5)

Seattle_CSA (3 of 5)

Seattle_CSA (5 of 5)

Point Defiance trail

Five on Five | September

Better late than never. I am coming in just under the wire with my September favorites. I actually have a few more that I really love, but because they are from weddings that have yet to be delivered, I can’t share (trust me, it’s killing me!). These images might not be over the top perfect technically, but they do capture moments that I really want to remember from the month.  Silly, every day moments. Beautiful quiet moments.  I hope you enjoy.

And don’t forget to take the little trip to the other blogs who are participating in the Favorites on the Fifth. Start with Adrian and head on through!
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My girl, on the eve of her fourth birthday. We spent the afternoon visiting a local park that also happens to be a pick-your-own apple orchard. I think she was practicing her Hamlet here, not sure?

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

This sweet face outside one of our favorite spots for date night, The Spar. He reminded my husband and I of a dog that we met in Mexico named, Bonifacio.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The world at sunset, reflected and flipped upside-down. The trees remind me of heart beats or sound waves.  I took this during my weekend at yoga camp.

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Lovely new jewelry created by my friend Liz. I am so blessed to have this woman and her spirit just minutes away from me in my new town. This necklace is part of her fall collection, and couldn’t be more beautiful.

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More reflections. I am having a little love affair with the way the water distorts and paints the world anew. Taken during the Tacoma Maritime Festival last month.

Visitors | Tacoma, Washington |Lifestyle Photography

We had visitors in town. My in-laws to be exact. It gave us a chance to show off this beautiful new place we call home. Tourist in our new city. We visited Point Defiance and had dinner on the sound.I am still in awe of all that the South Sound has to offer. Thank you Washington, for taking us in with open arms. We love it here!

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Wanderings| Family Lifestyle Photography

Sunday adventuring around Point Defiance Park with my family. So much to see, explore, and learn about in this new city of ours.

FIP (2 of 7) FIP (1 of 7)

Owens Beach where we watched a man dig for clams and where Fifi collected a few shells.

FIP (6 of 7)

Playing follow the leader in the shadow of the trees.

FIP (5 of 7)Sasquatch siting! oh wait, it’s just my kid.

FIP (1 of 2) Where are your favorite places around Tacoma, Washington? And if you aren’t in the area, where do you love to hike and play as a family?