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September 2017 – Five on Five

Whoa! has it really, truly been since May that I did a Five on Five post? I guess that is what happens when you travel for almost a month straight during the summer, and then jump right back into life when you return. I am so glad that the lovely ladies who participate in this blog circle are jumping back into the fun and the rhythm of posting monthly. I know I have so much to share from our summer (and I might shamelessly post Jamaica vacation pictures when it gets really cold, damp, and dark here in the PNW) so stay tuned… And because I have taken so many months off with this, I am sharing more than the usual five images, I can’t help myself!

September is a really special month around our house. It’s a month when we have two birthdays in three days (yes, the kids are almost two years apart to the day, it’s nutty with celebration!). It’s the start of a new school year, and when the light and the energy of the summer start to wind down. The air gets crisp and the light turns golden and pink. I love summer, but autumn really has a huge piece of my heart.


The kids started school, 1st and 4th grade… 

We went to the Oregon Coast and camped at Cannon Beach for the first time. (we fell in love with the area and my Goonie heart was so happy). And because I am excited to share these galleries soon…  a few images of client work. I photographed a wedding in Seattle and senior portraits in downtown Tacoma.  I think I might have a thing for lines in my work lately because I was so drawn to these shapes on both days…It was a great month for personal and client work! Now head on over to see what Adriana has had cooking this summer…

Keep chasing that light,


Five on Five – February 2017

On the fifth day of each month, I get together with a group of talented female photographers. We each share our five favorite images from the previous month. It’s a blog circle! Make sure to follow the link and head over to Adriana’s blog when you are done seeing what February was like over here.I did two really fun sessions last month. One was a family session with an adorable family. We traveled out to the summer camp where they met as camp counselors. It was really fun to have them take me around camp and photograph them with there little dude. I love when clients pick locations with such special meaning.The other session I did is for a new blog article I am writing for Experience Tacoma. The article is called, Take Five. This is such a fun chance for me to get to know more people and places in the community and a great excuse to pull out my camera.I had the great honor of sitting for the amazing Catherine Just and her “Breathing Camera” (that’s what I call this 4×5 beauty). Catherine has been traveling all over the world for her Capturing Breath on Film project, if you have a chance to participate it is an incredible experience. One I am still processing and watching unfold in my own life. It is part portrait session, part prayer, part magic. And finally, a little film photography of my own… I have been continuing on with my 365 Rectangles project, I love this black and white shot I took of my husband and his birthday cake.

Keep chasing that light my friends!


A Boy, a Book and a Cat – Tacoma Family Photography

Can you believe that golden glow? It was cool out the other evening, but the setting sun drew us out to the backyard for a little last minute sunshine therapy before dinner. He didn’t want to put down his book, but agreed to join me.obookworm-3-of-14Someone else thought it was nice that we were outside, too. Hey kid, whatchya reading?
obookworm-5-of-14Harry who? Maybe if his name was Fuzzy I’d sit awhile.obookworm-12-of-14obookworm-7-of-14 Ooooh… wait, this book corner is good for a face rub, isn’t it? obookworm-11-of-14obookworm-9-of-14obookworm-10-of-14What’s that over there? Ahhh, the dog is outside now too? I’m going to go chase her. Have fun reading about Fuzzy, er I mean Harry.obookworm-13-of-14

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Front Yard Pumpkin Patch – Tacoma Family Photography

In the spring, my husband worked really hard and built four big garden boxes for the front yard. He brought in yards of soil, and set up drip sprinklers so we wouldn’t have to think much about keeping the plants refreshed. Then, he recruited the kids who happily had a blast planting our garden – we had had so much zucchini (I have gallon bags frozen in the freezer for winter cooking), a ton of tomatoes (cherry, pear and early girls), cucumbers, beans, raspberries, and even a of couple watermelons!

But the favorite of the harrest around here is always the pumpkins. The vines grow and cover the hill in our front yard with their big green leaves. We get really excited when we spot the first golf ball sized pumpkind at the base of the yellow flowers and then, we keep an eye out as they get bigger and bigger. Making it a game as we pull in and out of the drive way through out the summer months.

When the days start to get shorter and the fog starts to fill the air. When the rain comes down a little more frequently and heavier – we know it’s time to cut the big orange orbs off the vine.  This year we ended up with a dozen of these beauties. All shapes and sizes. We filled the wagon and then walked it around the neighborhood to share with the other kids on the block. It’s a really fun tradition and something my kids get a huge kick out of each October. Who needs to go to a farm when you  have the pumpkin patch right out the front door?!pumpkinharvest2016-2-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-7-of-25Our cat, Ruben loves when we are out in the yard. Purring and chatting his meowing chat as we work. pumpkinharvest2016-24-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-3-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-4-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-5-of-25Sharing the harvest and decorating fun with Jojo (her grandma) back in Reno via Face-time. Isn’t technology so cool?pumpkinharvest2016-8-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-9-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-17-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-12-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-14-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-10-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-15-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-11-of-25 pumpkinharvest2016-22-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-18-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-20-of-25 pumpkinharvest2016-21-of-25

How about you? Do you grow your own or do you make a day of going to the pumpkin oatch each year? Either way, these little traditions help us mark the change of seasons and make for some really fun memories.

Here’s to a great Halloween, happy haunting everyone !

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Payton – Tacoma, Washington High School Senior

Payton is currently a senior at LCA here in Tacoma, Washington. He and his family also happens to be my neighbors down the street. He is hoping to study engineering next year when he heads off to college. But right now, he is busy playing football and looking forward to basketball season. For his photos we decided to head downtown to the UWT campus, then over to the 11th Street bridge and an industrial area. We also managed to squeeze in the last bits of an amazing, early fall sunset at Titlow Beach. Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0011 ShampSeniorSesh_FIPWebReady (37 of 139) Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0007Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0009 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0008Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0010 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0006 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0005 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0004 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0003 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0002 Peyton_Tacoma_LCAHighSchoolSenior_0001Payton, thanks for putting up with my bad jokes during our session. Wishing you a great senior year of high school and all the best as your transition into college! Oh, and make sure to stick around long enough next year so you can heckle your brother during his senior photos- paybacks!!

All the best,


Baby G – Tacoma Family Photography

You might remember in November I photographed a maternity session with Steph and Trav on Vashon Island. Well, their sweet baby boy made his appearance on the outside mid-December, (just missing my own birthday. December babies are the best, btw.) imageI was invited back to photography baby boy G and oh man, you guys, new babies are amazing. The squish faces and distinct cry of a two week old is pretty much enough to make me want another… and not want another all in one instant. How about you guys just keep having babies, and then call me in to photograph them? Sounds like a deal to me!imageimageimageSteph and Trav, thank you again for having me in your home during this super special time. It was and is an honor to have you as clients and to now call you friends. I can’t wait to watch this little dude grow. He is precious and perfect.image


Hello Cupcake | Tacoma, Washington

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a rough day. I tossed my camera was in my purse and tossed told my coworker to get in the car- We were going to get cupcakes. When you are the intern, you do what you are told. When you are an intern and there are cupcakes involved, you most definitely do what you are told. Thank you to Alexa for being my hand model, a listening ear, and for taking me to the juice bar down the street for the much healthier lunch option of kale-cucumber-apple- ginger juice so we could wash down our salted caramel chocolate cupcake with some sanity. It’s all a balancing act, don’t judge me. And besides, life is uncertain, you should probably eat dessert first..2015-11-19_0003FIP_HelloCupcake (12 of 37)2015-11-19_00022015-11-19_0001FIP_HelloCupcake (4 of 37)Oh, and if you keep an eye out on the new site, Tacoma Local’s Guide, you might just see some familiar work… check it out!

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

May’s 5 on 5

Oh, my. Oh, May. What a whirlwind of things you were.  Started a new day job (don’t worry, I am still open for business and would love to photograph you!).

Spend some amazing time withsoul sisters.image

Celebrated 12 years together
They just keep getting better. Peonies from my yard, ????????
And took lots of photos with my iPhone that I am rather fond of. It’s the little moments. The moments in the in between that I do love so much…

Here is to an awesome JUNE! Now hop on over to Smallroots and see what her month looked like!

The Mann Family | Tacoma Family Photography

I have share with you all the fun I had during the Made To Create weekend  in three other blog posts (you can see them all here). But I haven’t gotten to the adorable families I was introduced to. Today, I am sharing my favorites of the Mann family. They were adorable and had me at knitted hats, big grins and lots of splashing in the Tacoma puddles.  Here, take a look!

2015-04-17_00022015-04-17_0003FIP (1 of 1)-4 FIP (1 of 2)Too cute, right!? Thanks again to this sweet crew for modeling during Made To Create.

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa