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September 2017 – Five on Five

Whoa! has it really, truly been since May that I did a Five on Five post? I guess that is what happens when you travel for almost a month straight during the summer, and then jump right back into life when you return. I am so glad that the lovely ladies who participate in this blog circle are jumping back into the fun and the rhythm of posting monthly. I know I have so much to share from our summer (and I might shamelessly post Jamaica vacation pictures when it gets really cold, damp, and dark here in the PNW) so stay tuned… And because I have taken so many months off with this, I am sharing more than the usual five images, I can’t help myself!

September is a really special month around our house. It’s a month when we have two birthdays in three days (yes, the kids are almost two years apart to the day, it’s nutty with celebration!). It’s the start of a new school year, and when the light and the energy of the summer start to wind down. The air gets crisp and the light turns golden and pink. I love summer, but autumn really has a huge piece of my heart.


The kids started school, 1st and 4th grade… 

We went to the Oregon Coast and camped at Cannon Beach for the first time. (we fell in love with the area and my Goonie heart was so happy). And because I am excited to share these galleries soon…  a few images of client work. I photographed a wedding in Seattle and senior portraits in downtown Tacoma.  I think I might have a thing for lines in my work lately because I was so drawn to these shapes on both days…It was a great month for personal and client work! Now head on over to see what Adriana has had cooking this summer…

Keep chasing that light,


Language of Summer | From the Archives

Summer time stretches out in front of us with waves and wishes. Backyard, air conditioning , picnics, weddings, sun screen, beaches, camping, and adventure all become part of our summer time vernacular. The following words are from a few summers past, but they still hold true this time of year. Enjoy.Summer, you are leaving me… almost gone, but I am not done tasting you yet.

I know you are going, because the evenings are more watermelon juice drips then perspiration. I can feel it in the morning air as I stir awake, you smell different this time of year, not so sticky, yet sweet.

I can see it in the gentle way you hold the velvet brown mountain silhouette. The soft, sky touch that can only be yours.

The dark comes earlier, the blue mix with peaches that hang heavy  in the tree, ripe and ready and in the blushing of the leaves in the strong sycamore that shushes in the exhale.

I still have a few things left for you, summer. Summer don’t fall too quickly away…

Keep chasing the light my friends, Vanessa Simpson


This post was originally written and photographed by me for the Mortal Muses collaborative blog, and part of a new series I am calling, From the Archives. Source: Language of Summer | Mortal Muses

Wedding Wednesday – Dharma and Scott

Awhile back, when I still lived in Reno (hello, I am playing some SERIOUS blogging catch up here!), I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding with Sam Pierson of Pierson Photo Company . Sam is a fellow former-Reno photographer who has also relocated out of state.  If you are in the Salt Lake City area and are looking for a super fun lady and amazing photographer, look her up. Sam is a hoot and has mad skills behind that camera of hers.
FocusInPhotography (10 of 588)But back to the wedding… To be honest, it wasn’t a “wedding”, wedding. It was, however, an amazing, quirky, delightful celebration of love between two people.  Scott and Dharma, your laughter, uniqueness, and power point presentation of love (yes, you read that right this is what happens when academics tie the knot) made my entire afternoon.
Also, they made their grand entrance in a canoe, to Edward Sharpe and the Magnatic Zeros, Home
FocusInPhotography (16 of 588)FIP (3 of 7)FocusInPhotography (11 of 588) FocusInPhotography (26 of 588)FocusInPhotography (28 of 536)FocusInPhotography (5 of 536)FocusInPhotography (17 of 536) FIP (1 of 5)-2FIP (7 of 7) FocusInPhotography (45 of 588) FIP (1 of 1)-3I loved how this couple made their wedding day their very own! When you are planning your day, remember, you don’t have to follow any trends on Pintrest or the latest bridal magazine. What makes your union special? Do that.
FocusInPhotography (23 of 536) Keep chasing that light,


Summer Traditions…

Ever since the kids were really little, we have made a tradition of spending the Fourth of July weekend in Greagle, California. Despite the miles between us now, we have managed to make it back to the Sierra Valley the past three summers.

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Get Out There – Exploring Washington

It’s strange to be ‘new’ to an area. Even with my third summer coming to a close in the Pacific Northwest, I still feel new here.. 20160814-IMG_9961There seems to be so many places I never “had time” to explored while living in the Reno-Tahoe area, (and, I got out A LOT during my 30+ years of living there). Now that I am in Washington, I have a new list growing of places and spots. Some are ‘secret’ and secluded, others not so much.  20160814-IMG_9933Over the weekend I was able to mark one of the not so secret and fairly iconic Tacoma/Seattle hikes off the list. 20160814-IMG_9965Join me over on the Viewfinders  blog to see more of the trail to Rattlesnake Ledge.

Keep Chasing that light,


A Yoga Weekend at Camp Seymour | Washington Event Photography

A weekend away at camp. It was just like being a kid, only, we were thre to practice yoga all weekend. But there were some similarities to the old days of summer camp…FIP (3 of 85)There was time on the water.

FIP (54 of 85)Arts and crafts

FIP (4 of 85) FIP (5 of 85)


Exploring the outdoors, hiking, watching the sunset and searching for the stars in the dark.

FIP (65 of 85)There was playing with new friends in the grass.

FIP (77 of 85) FIP (48 of 85) FIP (41 of 85) FIP (35 of 85) FIP (25 of 85) FIP (81 of 85)But most of all, there was yoga, lots and lots of wonderful juicy, delicious yoga.

FIP (13 of 85)

A huge thank you to Rebeca, David and Amy for teaching, sharing and helping us explore our practice.

FIP (1 of 1)

Om shanti, shanti, om

Visitors | Tacoma, Washington |Lifestyle Photography

We had visitors in town. My in-laws to be exact. It gave us a chance to show off this beautiful new place we call home. Tourist in our new city. We visited Point Defiance and had dinner on the sound.I am still in awe of all that the South Sound has to offer. Thank you Washington, for taking us in with open arms. We love it here!

FIP (2 of 4) FIP (1 of 2)-5 FIP (2 of 2)-4 FIP_promo (1 of 1)

Wanderings| Family Lifestyle Photography

Sunday adventuring around Point Defiance Park with my family. So much to see, explore, and learn about in this new city of ours.

FIP (2 of 7) FIP (1 of 7)

Owens Beach where we watched a man dig for clams and where Fifi collected a few shells.

FIP (6 of 7)

Playing follow the leader in the shadow of the trees.

FIP (5 of 7)Sasquatch siting! oh wait, it’s just my kid.

FIP (1 of 2) Where are your favorite places around Tacoma, Washington? And if you aren’t in the area, where do you love to hike and play as a family?

Sizzling Summer Sessions

It’s getting hot here at Focus In Photography!

I want you to see just how beautiful you are. These sexy sessions are perfect for every woman!


Get your sexy self something.


Your sweetheart will be sweating after they see these photos


How perfect would a little flip book be for a wedding day surprise?


He (or she) will love that you are bring the sexy back!


Let’s make something beautiful together.