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Afternoon at the Arboretum – Seattle Family Photography

A few weeks ago I received an inquiry in my inbox saying, “Hi Vanessa, we are getting ready to relocate out of state next month, but are hoping to squeeze in a family session before we leave Seattle.” We quickly compared calendars, and we found a Sunday afternoon that worked for us. I love the Seattle Arboretum for family sessions, so much to explore and an added bonus for a warm day, shade!  A huge thank you to Thayer and Hayley for hiring me to mark this chapter of their lives; wishing you all the best on your move east!
FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0012We counted acorns, looked for Team Oomie Zoomie (way better than Pokemon!). I shared my instax-mini and the wonders of instant film with the kids, and then (when she refused to give me smile) I dared this little red head to a stink-eye contest… she totally nailed.FisherFam_WebReady (32 of 104)
FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0013How adorable are these kiddos? FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0010Mom and dad are gorgeous too, no?FisherFam_WebReady (62 of 104)And when the fussy starts (and you know the session is coming to an end) I have everyone join in and make crazy faces!FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0011

Keep chasing that light!


Walk in the Park | Seattle Family Photography

I met up with this sweet trio at the Seattle Arboretum. Have you been there? Oh, my. I was so glad they had a favorite part of the park because it is HUGE, and beautiful. We headed into the Japanese Gardens with Keegan at the lead. This sweet little blonde headed boy showed me pretty flowers and plans and the mouthy koi fish in the pond.2015-04-10_0001BeckFamily_FIPweb (81 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (82 of 130) And guys, I can’t get over his big grin and that polka-dot bow tie. A toddler in a BOW TIE?! I die from the cuteness.  Thank you, Tiffany and Stuart! I had a blast photographing and capturing your sweet family last weekend.
BeckFamily_FIPweb (36 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (122 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (40 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (56 of 130)2015-04-09_0002BeckFamily_FIPweb (129 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (77 of 130)BeckFamily_FIPweb (100 of 130)