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Lydia & Aaron – A Seattle Wedding Day

The day started quiet and rainy, fairly typical for November in Seattle. There was fog hugging the Seattle skyline as I drove into the city from Tacoma. When I arrived Lydia and Aaron’s condo, there was soft even light streaming in through the windows. While scouting a spot to take detail photos upstairs, I woke their old cat who gave me a grouchy meow. As the knocks on the door began, the house started to fill with the excitement and love of dear friends and family. Girlfriends gathered in the kitchen, Lydia’s mom popped champagne, and they all toasted the day as the bride emerged from getting her hair and makeup done. As Lydia slipped into her dress and shoes, and finally her grandmother’s mink stole, there were oohs and ahhhs, giggles and tears. I love this part of the wedding day. The intimate bonding and the support as the couple readies for the walk down the isle.
lydiaaaronwebready_fip-4-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-10-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-17-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-11-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-26-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-22-of-622_stomped lydiaaaronwebready_fip-58-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-59-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-38-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-68-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-74-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-72-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-76-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-82-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-90-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-88-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-91-of-622An umbrella was found, a ride was called and a meeting point declared. I found Aaron and his family at the King Street Station in downtown Seattle waiting for me in the old high back benches of the depot. We shot a few groom photos and we prepared for the first look. The fog had turned to light rain. The King Street Station has gone under some gorgeous restoration recently and the station is worth a stop and wander. lydiaaaronwebready_fip-137-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-141-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-142-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-143-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-144-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-145-of-622lydiaaaronwebready_fip-153-of-622We piled back into the cars and got a cup of coffee to warm us up as we headed to the venue for the day- Zoe Event is an intimate restaurant/bar event space located in the Capital Hill District. The staff is amazing, and the food delicious. There were plenty of little details for me to capture as staff set up and we waited for guests to  arrive. Lydia’s mother grew several containers of succulents for the occasion, and (lucky me), Lydia had hired one of the most talented floral designers in the city. I loved getting to watch Sara Jane of THATCH work her magic.  lydiaaaronwebready_fip-277-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-427-of-622_stompedlydiaaaronwebready_fip-285-of-622_stomped

From there things got to be a bit of a blur… Guests arrived, drinks were poured, the room filled with laughter and hugs and music. The vows were short and sweet (and included a reading from the book, I Like You.)

I like you because
I don’t know why but
Everything that happens
Is nicer with you

I can’t remember when I didn’t like you

They signed their paper work to make it official in a little upstairs room, and took a few minutes alone together  before heading downstairs for the party. Meanwhile, their guests were fed amazing appetizers and drinks downstairs. 
The toasts were full of funny stories and teasing, as many are. But there was also a thread of admiration for the couple and all their hard work and determination to fulfill goals and make a difference. The first dance was sweet and then, silly and filled the room as the party got underway!FocusInPhotography (2 of 3)FocusInPhotography (3 of 3)

Lydia and Aaron, I loved that we have ties to Reno, but have found a home in the Pacific Northwest. I love how you two laugh and make each other smile. Thank you for including me in your day. Thank you for trusting me to document this new beginning.  It was truly an honor to be a witness.

Wishing you both a long and happy life together,



Huge shout out to all the amazing vendors that I got to work with:

Hair and Makeup: Salon Maison

Florals: Thatch Floral

DJ: Magnolia Rhapsody

Location & Catering: Zoe Restaurant

Heather & Devin- An Orcas Island Wedding

The 2016 wedding season is in FULL swing here in the Pacific Northwest. And while I work on getting the latest wedding gallery edited and ready for my clients, I thought it might be a good time to blog a few of the weddings I shot last season, (finally).  Exactly a year ago today, I was lucky enough to shoot a weddings on the San Juan Islands. I would like to give a huge thank you to Sara Postma for having me along for the ride. I love second shooting for her. It’s an honor to have such a talented lady trust me as her assistant and second shooter for the day.HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0001Heather and Devon’s wedding took place on Orca’s Island last September. The private venue was stunning. It truly felt like a back yard party (now, if only I could get my backyard to include a garden, an orchard, guest house, a few chickens, and Deer Harbor to swim and paddle around in…).
HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0004HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0003If you ever throw a party on Orcas Island, make sure to call Asher and Olive to have them cater for you. These guys mix a great cocktail and grill a mean oyster.HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0009HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0002I mean, really… can you handle this backdrop?! HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0011HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0012Ceremonies always get me a little choked up- each one so special.
HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0007HeatherDevinOrcasWedding_0006Some of the best dancing I have seen at a wedding in a very long time! This crowd had SO much fun celebrating the night away.

Now, who wants to get married on Orcas Island?!? Call me, and let’s do this!

Keep chasing that light,


Holly and Colin – A Portland, Oregon Wedding

HollyColin071616_0002HollyCollin071616_web (26 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (28 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (44 of 609)HollyColin071616_0004HollyColin071616_0003Getting ready.

The anticipation and nerves. The sweet and silly moments between friends and the transformation that unfolds right in front of my lens…HollyColin071616_0006HollyColin071616_0008HollyColin071616_0005The first look. The smiles and the giggles. The bond between Holly & Colin glows and fills my heart as well as my camera card.HollyCollin071616_web (189 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (192 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (270 of 609)FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0014FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0015FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0018FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0017FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0016The ceremony. We walk through the trees of Hoyt Arboretum, and up to the World Forestry Center. Laughter, tears, all the emotions. The kiss and the second kiss. The WHOOOOO! as they walk together, hand in hand, between family and friends.
HollyCollin071616_web (257 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (208 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (250 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (252 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (259 of 609)A few quiet moments together before walking out to the party. The smiles haven’t stopped and the celebration has just begun.FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0020FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0019Dancing and more dancing followed by more dancing!
HollyCollin071616_web (210 of 609)Colin and Holly,
Happy one month anniversary!! Your day was beautiful and full of so much love and laughter. Thank you for having me along to document it all. Wishing you all the best in the days, months, and years to come.
Keep chasing that light,




Location: Hoyt Arboretum and World Forestry Center in beautiful Portland, Oregon

Flowers: Kathryn, Heirbloom Floral

Makeup: Lisette, Lisette Studio