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Five on Five – December 2106

I didn’t really pull together any “best ofs” this year, I didn’t do a year in review. Heck, I haven’t even blogged my final wedding or the four family sessions I have done since November. But, I am not missing the regularly scheduled five on five blog that I do each month. (and maybe, just maybe I will find some words to share about all those amazing clients I have had in the past couple of months while I am out here writing!)

Here’s the deal – on the fifth day of each month, I get together (virtual – maybe one day we all will be in one spot!) with a group of photographers. We each share our five favorite images from the previous month.

It’s a blog circle!

Make sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post, and head over to Adriana’s blog next!


The kids were invited to a friend’s birthday party at the very cool shop called, Tinkertopia. It’s arguably one of my favorite shops in town and it’s super fun that they have “tinker” parties for the kids to build and create with all recycled or up-cycled items. I love all the creations hanging and displayed around the store.  I spent my birthday weekend in Seattle. I was thrilled to have good friends up from Reno and we had a really fun time. If you have ever been to Pike Market, there is a very good chance you have seen and heard this piano player, Jonny Hahn. He rolls that piano up and down the hill every time he plays. I am not going to lie, hearing him play brought me to tears. I don’t really know what it was- but the pure dedication to doing something that he loves for almost three decades- it’s tear worthy. (and if you would like to learn a little bit more about him, this is a good listen) A self portrait on the morning of my birthday. (I swear I was happy, I was just tired and also coming down with a cold – that I still have, ug) Christmas day with my crew. My mom got the kids metal detectors so they could treasure hunt, but these four are my treasure- no detector needed! Finally, this little monkey. He turned one last month and since I have been documenting him since before he was earth-side, It was pretty special to snap a set of photos of him as he hit this one year mark. I love this one showing so much personality and not much regard for that fantastic red balloon.

And there you have it- my December in a nutshell. Hope you all are off to a beautiful start to 2017. Make sure you hit up Adriana’s and then on to the other ladies to see what their final month of the year looked like.

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Characters on the Street

How often do we see someone that is seriously asking to have their photograph taken, and we then we pass it up because we are too shy to ask or are afraid of being told, “no.” Today, I am sharing images from a time when I was brave enough to just start taking photos and I truly love the results.

Click on over to Mortal Muses for more photos and words about this Seattle-ite.


Keep Chasing the Light,


There Will Be Film

Seattle, oh Seattle. I really am liking you. While on the ferry ride during this visit, I had a feeling wash over me, “this is right where I am supposed to be”.  It’s weird, because I never really imagined myself living somewhere like the Pacific Northwest.  But now that I am here, it feels right. Being able to catch a train in to Seattle for the day, explore and catch it to come home is simple and much cheaper then gas and parking for the day.

Seattle_CSA (12 of 56)

Here are a few other things that I am loving about Seattle…

Seattle_CSA (18 of 56) People, there is green everywhere. Not just where your sprinkler happens to hit, but everywhere. The lush of the vegetation is as blue as the high desert sky. Flowers? The PNW has your flowers, even some you didn’t even know you loved until you spotted them.
Seattle_CSA (35 of 56)

There is the whole ferry business going on all over the place. Rides across the water to pretty and quaint little islands.
Seattle_CSA (52 of 56)

Seattle_CSA (54 of 56)

Seattle_CSA (56 of 56)

I like the neon, old and new throughout the city. Its not all over the place like it is in downtown Reno, so when I do spot it, the tube letters and numbers catch my attention much more than they did back in Nevada. These may get printed and framed for the house.
Seattle_CSA (21 of 56)

Seattle_CSA (24 of 56)

Seattle_CSA (36 of 56)

And then there is always good people watching, I could probably just sit and people watch for an entire day and not get tired of it all.
Seattle_CSA (29 of 56)
Seattle_CSA (28 of 56)
Seattle_CSA (26 of 56)

The other great part about being here? I have gotten to meet more flickr friends in the past month than I did in a year. It is so fun to walk around with other photographers and play tourist. A big thank you to Staci and Andy for including Cara and me in their epic anniversary tour. Here’s the gang, it feels a little “Westside Story” if you ask me… good thing I am in their gang (The Hassie/Andy Gang).
Seattle_CSA (19 of 56)
Seattle_CSA (50 of 56)
Seattle_CSA (10 of 56)
Seattle_CSA (41 of 56)

Yup, I like it here. Cara is also sharing her photos of our day on her blog.  Swing over and check out her view finder found.

Following the Flowers

As we walked through the market last Friday,  I followed the flowers.  I watched them being prepped and trimmed and carefully selected by the vendors. The ends clipped and the stems adjusted, sorted and arranged just so.  I saw people carrying arms full of color throughout the day.  As they headed back to their cars or to a bus. As they played tourist down alley ways, or as they waited on the street corners patiently watching the flashing red hand to signal and change to the blinking white shape of person, giving the okay to step from the sidewalk’s corner.

I wondered if the bright bundles would decorate an Easter brunch table? Or perhaps be delivered to a hostess who was lovingly preparing ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans for dinner.  Perhaps the flowers would brighten a corner in their home, or be passed along to friend who needed cheering up. Where ever these flowers were heading, I am sure they are sitting beautifully, and making someone smile.

seattle (3 of 8) seattle (4 of 8)

seattle (2 of 8)

seattle (7 of 8)

seattle (5 of 8)seattle (8 of 8)

seattle (6 of 8)

Keep chasing the light, Vanessa

Playing Tourist

TacomaLife (1 of 16)The family and I took a  to drive into the “city” and played tourist. The kids were very excited to check out Seattle, and so were we.  My daughter asked to have a camera. My iphone’s storage was full, so I loaded a new roll of film into Minnie the Minolta, reminded her to keep the strap around her neck, how to forward the film after she shot a frame, and then let her go for it. I was actually glad to not have my iphone available to take pictures.  I haven’t been shooting much with Marky Mark ii (my canon dslr) and not having the phone around forced me to use the big girl camera. I actually can’t wait to what she captured on that roll.


Wandering through Pikes Place Market. The flowers were in full bloom. The fish was fresh and flying through the air. The people were busy and several were decked out in green for Saint Paddy’s Day celebrations.

TacomaLife (5 of 16)

TacomaLife (7 of 16)

TacomaLife (6 of 16)

Then it was down through Post Alley. The kids were blown away by the gum wall. I spotted a big mirror and we had fun taking a group photo and making faces in it. Seattle reminds me a lot of San Francisco, but maybe I am just looking for similarities to the familiar. Either way, I am excited to explore and wander around more in the future.

TacomaLife (13 of 16)

TacomaLife (14 of 16)

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