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Gimme S’more

I heard today is National S’more Day. I sorta love that there is a day for everything, don’t you? Around here, we love to go camping partly for the sleeping under the stars and fresh air thing, and partly so we have an excuse to melt chocolate and catch things on fire thing… And as a result, I have a good collection of s’more-licious photos.
Here’s how we do things around here.

Step one, get a campfire going.
she's a camper FIP (24 of 31)Bonus points if people are playing guitar and singing together around said campfire.around the campfireStep two, gather your ingredients.mmmmmmStep three, make sure everyone has a good seat.189:366, getting dryStep four, get your pre-melt on. 168:365, smoresStep five, roast.roastingStep six, stack and squish. saturday night sweetsStep seven, EAT. 20120609-_MG_285220120609-_MG_285520120609-_MG_2853Keep chasing that light and your sweet-tooth!