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Language of Summer | From the Archives

Summer time stretches out in front of us with waves and wishes. Backyard, air conditioning , picnics, weddings, sun screen, beaches, camping, and adventure all become part of our summer time vernacular. The following words are from a few summers past, but they still hold true this time of year. Enjoy.Summer, you are leaving me… almost gone, but I am not done tasting you yet.

I know you are going, because the evenings are more watermelon juice drips then perspiration. I can feel it in the morning air as I stir awake, you smell different this time of year, not so sticky, yet sweet.

I can see it in the gentle way you hold the velvet brown mountain silhouette. The soft, sky touch that can only be yours.

The dark comes earlier, the blue mix with peaches that hang heavy  in the tree, ripe and ready and in the blushing of the leaves in the strong sycamore that shushes in the exhale.

I still have a few things left for you, summer. Summer don’t fall too quickly away…

Keep chasing the light my friends, Vanessa Simpson


This post was originally written and photographed by me for the Mortal Muses collaborative blog, and part of a new series I am calling, From the Archives. Source: Language of Summer | Mortal Muses

Characters on the Street

How often do we see someone that is seriously asking to have their photograph taken, and we then we pass it up because we are too shy to ask or are afraid of being told, “no.” Today, I am sharing images from a time when I was brave enough to just start taking photos and I truly love the results.

Click on over to Mortal Muses for more photos and words about this Seattle-ite.


Keep Chasing the Light,


Portrait Inspiration

I am over on the Mortal Muses blog today sharing inspiration I have gained from a recent read about Dorothea Lange and her photography. She took such powerful images during her lifetime and it makes me want to explore light, shadows, and composition even more than ever.

MortalMuse (7 of 11)-2Keep chasing the light – Vanessa