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Sunday adventuring around Point Defiance Park with my family. So much to see, explore, and learn about in this new city of ours.

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Owens Beach where we watched a man dig for clams and where Fifi collected a few shells.

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Playing follow the leader in the shadow of the trees.

FIP (5 of 7)Sasquatch siting! oh wait, it’s just my kid.

FIP (1 of 2) Where are your favorite places around Tacoma, Washington? And if you aren’t in the area, where do you love to hike and play as a family?

Kindergarten Graduate

A week ago today, my boy finished up his very last day of kindergarten. I wasn’t nearly as teary eyed and nervous for him on that day as I was on the first day of school. We celebrated by visiting a fun little spot in Tacoma’s Stadium District called, Shake Shake Shake. (A place I can’t wait to take visitors!) Chocolate shakes, burgers, and fries. Yum!

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First day of Kindergarten


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Last day of Kindergarten

He had such an amazing year. I loved watching him go from knowing letters and sounds to writing full on sentences and little stories. We had some great teachers leading the way, one of which was my second grade teacher (what are the chances of THAT!) Getting to volunteer in the classroom was a really great way for me to participate in his week and get to know his school, his teachers, and his friends. I asked him a few things about his first year of school.

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  • What was your favorite book(s) to read this year: Harry the Horrible
  • What was your favorite field trip: The Pumpkin Patch
  • What was your favorite subject: Art
  • Other stuff:  He loved riding the bus like a ‘big kid’. I watched him become a tad smitten for about week or two with a certain little girl named Gabriella. He complained when he wasn’t doing enough math (whose kid is he anyway?). He had me write multiple ‘books’ that he had illustrated with elaborate pictures of angry birds. He “only” got sent to the principal’s office once (oops). He was an amazing trooper with switching schools when we moved, and settled in with his new class quickly and with a big smile on his face.

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O. we are so very proud of you and the person you are. Smart, silly, serious, and creative.

Watch out 1st grade, here he comes!

The Boy | Film Friday

There is something distinctly different about portraits shot on film vs in digital. I love them both for different reasons, I liken the differences to that of a painter using oil, acrylic or water color paints.These three photos of my son were taken using my Minolta 35mm.

MortalMuse (2 of 3)

If you are a fellow photographer, do you also shoot film in addition to digital during your sessions? If you are current client or prospective client, what would you say to a session shot in analog?

MortalMuse (1 of 3)Keep chasing that light – Vanessa

Portrait Inspiration

I am over on the Mortal Muses blog today sharing inspiration I have gained from a recent read about Dorothea Lange and her photography. She took such powerful images during her lifetime and it makes me want to explore light, shadows, and composition even more than ever.

MortalMuse (7 of 11)-2Keep chasing the light – Vanessa

A Morning at Point Defiance Zoo

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I have been on the hunt for ways to get us

a) out of the house

b) exploring our new city

MortalMuse (11 of 14)-2Doing a bit of an internet search I found myself looking at the calendar for Point Defiance. Just my luck,  I saw that there was a free admission day on the very next day. We got ourselves moving early and headed out with hopes of seeing the polar bears and penguins.  The kids had a blast and haven’t stopped asking if we can go back. I got in some play time with the camera and everyone had a great morning.  The more we see the more we are falling in love with Tacoma!

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The silly penguins out sunning themselves in the cool morning air.

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One of three polar bears was also finding the sunshine.

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This walrus was a crowd pleaser as he (she?) took laps around the tank and swam right by the window several times.

MortalMuse (1 of 2)-7

And then there was this show off as we headed back up the car.

Do you know of any great spots I should be checking out in Tacoma or the surrounding areas? Leave me a comment and fill me in, this playing tourist stuff is pretty darn fun!


Teaching Her How

It’s no secret with my family that I love to make chocolate chip cookies.
And, I make a pretty mean one if I do say so myself. I have memories of making this same recipe with my mom when I was about three years old, the same age the Fifi is now. She has been more and more interested in helping in the kitchen lately and I am trying to have the patience and the time to let her learn what we are up to in there. I have been working in counting and having her get things from the cupboard.
One of the best parts about making cookies is licking the spoon.

Today I let her help me, and save for that one egg that was cracked and dropped on the table instead of the bowl, she did pretty darn well.

Of course, I think she might be in it more for the spoon licking at the end. I can’t really blame her though. By the way, this is the proper way to stand while eating cookie dough. In case you were wondering…