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Troy and Jessica | Seattle Engagement Session

Oh wow, I have had the pleasure of photographing in some pretty amazing places. Last weekend I was able to add a new and pretty fantastic spot to my list. Originally, Jessica contacted me and mentioned cherry blossoms. Now, don’t get me wrong- those blossoms are incredible and they are everywhere this time of year. But then, she sent me a text saying, “What about Safeco Field?”. I probably squealed and did a happy dance of some sort or another, probably. Um, YES!JandT_Engage_Web (3 of 130)Saturday was warm and beautiful in Seattle, hardly a cloud could be found. It was 10:30am and the streets around the baseball stadium already buzzing with fans. I met Helen, our lovely tour guide and then in walked Jessica and Troy. The two of them a tad frazzled from the Seattle traffic (guys, what is UP with the traffic in this city?). We took a few deep breathes and the elevator up to the stadium.
JandT_Engage_Web (18 of 130)One thing I absolutely love about my job is I get to see couples in love. These two are SO in love. we toured around and then were let onto the field. We were allowed to get down in the dugout and play in the stands. What a beautiful day for an engagement session.
JandT_Engage_Web (90 of 130)Fun fact: Did you know they have radiant heated soil in the stadium? I don’t know if they really call it that or not but there are pipes running warm water to keep the green at an even and warm temperature all year long.
Yes_JandT_Engage_Web (39 of 130) Yes_JandT_Engage_Web (85 of 130)Jessica and Troy, thank you again for business, for your trust, and for being so darn adorable in your love for each other! Congratulations on your engagement, I can’t wait to see where your adventure leads you together.
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Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is everywhere. It has no boundaries, it shows up all around us – secret messages hoping to be read.

Love is beautiful and sweet.

When you see it, it will make you smile from deep down inside.

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Today, I challenge you to share YOUR love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and, by the way,

talk to the hand

Kurt and Chris | A Session in Love

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KandC_webready (77 of 142)This session was about 4 months in the making. Kurt and I started to brain storm ideas about a portrait photo session in May.  He knew he wanted an urban-gritty feel and I knew just the place to take him. When my visit in early July didn’t allow for time to get to our location, we rescheduled for early August.  Soon after our plans were solidified, Kurt started dating Chris.

KandC_webready (142 of 142)I called dibs on a photo shoot with them, and made sure it was going to happen by asking if they wanted to do the photos together when I was back in Reno. I got a resounding, “Heck YES”! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

KandC_webready (10 of 142)KandC_webready (16 of 142)KandC_webready (98 of 142)I met up with the boys in down town Virginia City, Nevada and we carpooled, a bumpy and slightly scary road, to our location of American Flats.  We explored the remains.  I was on the hunt for some art that I hoped would still be there from my last visit back in January, and found some new gems along the way.

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There are so many hidden treasures in this place and around every turn we found   light  and shapes that we loved.

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KandC_webready (109 of 142)A huge thank you to Chris and Kurt. I had so much fun with you guys, and to see the smile on your faces filled my heart.

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These two were seriously gorgeous in front of my lens, but they weren’t afraid to have a little fun along the way.

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Keep chasing the light, Vanessa

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