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Backyard Dance

It’s around 8pm, dinner has been eaten and dishes are sloshing away in the washer. Tupperware containers have been filled with leftovers for lunches tomorrow. We are sitting on the back deck and the golden color starts to spread across the yard. I notices the light dancing on the tree branches.

FIP (1 of 1)The kids make one more masterpiece and head inside for their bath.

FIP (1 of 2)Cloe hasn’t left her post, that darn squirrel is harassing her and she is on patrol.

family (3 of 3)And the daisy dances in the quite of dusk.

family (1 of 3)Another day is closing and it’s beautiful.

Tacoma’s Stadium District

FIP (2 of 4)-2Can you believe this place is a high school? I felt like I was looking at Hogwarts or something, not a public high school building. Pulling out the 24-70 to get that ‘wide angle’ distortion sealed it for me here. Making those buildings look as if they are leaning in to one another makes this a little more surreal and magical.

FIP (3 of 4)-2Love finding California Golden Poppies up here in Washington. Takes me south for a moment or two.

FIP (1 of 4)-2

My son spotted this at the exact same time I did and told me,  “Mom, better take a picture”. I love that he is seeing things like this when we are out and about with our cameras. It’s the little details, the repetition and the everyday beauty that I want both of my kids to see in the world.

FIP (4 of 4)-2Attempting to make the Poppy “POP” like her new friend Katy showed her. FIP (1 of 1)-22I know she saw us, but I don’t think she realized we could see her up there as well. Catching someone in the frame like this is a little bit magic.

Color Between the Grey (and green)

Yes, the sky here in Tacoma is much different than it is in the high desert of Reno.  Guess what? Just like the sky in the Great Basin is blue-blue, it green here.  Not the sky, but the landscape.  Not just green, but green-green.  And right now, that green is accented in polka-dots of pink.

MortalMuse (4 of 15)




MortalMuse (6 of 15)

MortalMuse (5 of 15)


MortalMuse (7 of 15) Isn’t it beautiful?! Happy Spring, no matter where you are.

Keep chasing the light- Vanessa

New Beginnings For a Tacoma Washington Photographer


Welcome to the brand new website and blog of Focus In Photography! I am so glad to have you stopping by to check in with my latest work and news. Please have a look around the entire site and check out my work.  I would like to give a huge thank you to my website designer, Kurt Thigpen of Pulse Source. He has been working hard on this website and has become not just a “coworker”, but a client and a friend. Thanks Kurt!

Tacoma (6 of 17)
As many of you know, the month of March is full of new beginnings for me. My family and I relocated from Reno, Nevada to Tacoma, Washington. As I make this transition, I hope to continue to serve my clients in the Northern Nevada and California region, as well as gain new clients here in the Pacific Northwest. Please help me spread the word that I am up, running and ready to photograph!

Tacoma (5 of 17)Over the next month or two, I will be posting new work and revisiting old favorites as I find my way in this new city. I hope you will enjoy exploring with me along the way. Today, I am sharing some images from a walk along Titlow Beach.

Tacoma (7 of 17)

Tacoma (9 of 17)