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Front Yard Pumpkin Patch – Tacoma Family Photography

In the spring, my husband worked really hard and built four big garden boxes for the front yard. He brought in yards of soil, and set up drip sprinklers so we wouldn’t have to think much about keeping the plants refreshed. Then, he recruited the kids who happily had a blast planting our garden – we had had so much zucchini (I have gallon bags frozen in the freezer for winter cooking), a ton of tomatoes (cherry, pear and early girls), cucumbers, beans, raspberries, and even a of couple watermelons!

But the favorite of the harrest around here is always the pumpkins. The vines grow and cover the hill in our front yard with their big green leaves. We get really excited when we spot the first golf ball sized pumpkind at the base of the yellow flowers and then, we keep an eye out as they get bigger and bigger. Making it a game as we pull in and out of the drive way through out the summer months.

When the days start to get shorter and the fog starts to fill the air. When the rain comes down a little more frequently and heavier – we know it’s time to cut the big orange orbs off the vine.  This year we ended up with a dozen of these beauties. All shapes and sizes. We filled the wagon and then walked it around the neighborhood to share with the other kids on the block. It’s a really fun tradition and something my kids get a huge kick out of each October. Who needs to go to a farm when you  have the pumpkin patch right out the front door?!pumpkinharvest2016-2-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-7-of-25Our cat, Ruben loves when we are out in the yard. Purring and chatting his meowing chat as we work. pumpkinharvest2016-24-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-3-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-4-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-5-of-25Sharing the harvest and decorating fun with Jojo (her grandma) back in Reno via Face-time. Isn’t technology so cool?pumpkinharvest2016-8-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-9-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-17-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-12-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-14-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-10-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-15-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-11-of-25 pumpkinharvest2016-22-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-18-of-25pumpkinharvest2016-20-of-25 pumpkinharvest2016-21-of-25

How about you? Do you grow your own or do you make a day of going to the pumpkin oatch each year? Either way, these little traditions help us mark the change of seasons and make for some really fun memories.

Here’s to a great Halloween, happy haunting everyone !

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

Halloweens Past – Family Photography

On this eve of hallows eve, I thought it might be fun to go back and share our Halloween costumes from years past. Tonight will be filled with school Harvest Parties and Trunk or Treat (or is it Tick or Trunk?) and tomorrow we will be out in the neighborhoods knocking on doors, hopefully not getting drenched to the bone in this Tacoma, WA weather.Chicken' Roid*103108There was O’s first Halloween where I dressed him up like a little chicken and still had Polaroid film at the ready to capture the goodness.For Fifi’s first Halloween, we decided to have a pumpkin patch. Such a grumpy little punkin’.pumpkin patch kidsBoo!Big Basin Web20131031-20131031-IMG_988020131031-20131031-IMG_9877I loved their costumes a couple of years ago where they wore the outfits we got for them during a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown. Last year, we had a Darth and a witch. One will be on repeat this year since “The costume still fits and I really love Star Wars”. Okay, kid. If it makes you happy, let’s do it!Seattle_CSA (21 of 39)How about you? do you have any fantastic Halloween costumes this year or in the years past? What was your most memorable costume over the years? I would love to hear about it!carveKeep chasing that light (and the candy), Vanessa