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Goals for 2015

I realize we are a week deep into the new year, but I am setting some goals for 2015 that I want to share with all of you. I am sharing so that I am accountable and because, I can’t accomplish them with out the help from you, my clients. I need your beautiful moments to make these things happen. Here they are, 3 simple goals.

  • Photograph 10 families

emilydWeb (14 of 25) 1I am all for posing you and your family, and getting you all in frame smiling and looking right at me, but what I would really like to do (like really-really like to do) is work with families who would be up for a more documentary style photo session. What would this look like? I come hang out with you and your family for a couple of hours. I sit back and let the moments unfold. I would be capturing candid and real moments. If you have been thinking about having family photos done. Call me. Let’s talk. I want to hear and then tell your family’s story.

  • Photograph 10 couples in love & 10 weddings

KandC_webready (109 of 142)

FIP_LauraJim (42 of 55)I would like to work with more couples. Newly engaged, one year anniversary, or long time married – it doesn’t matter as long as I get to see your sweet faces together. I want you to have a record of the love between you and your significant other. I want to know more and be able to show more because of it… Where did you meet, what about your partner makes your heart pitter-patter? Maybe you are getting married this year. Maybe the affair is a giant party, or perhaps you are joining together quietly with a few of your favorite people – I want to be there with my camera in hand. I can’t do that unless you call me, so call me!

  • Photograph 5 creatives and their spaces

FIP (1 of 1)-3 293:365Watching another creative at work is pure magic, exploring their creative space is even better. I want to photograph your space, your tools, your hands at work. Think of it as getting head shots taken, but so much more. You are more than just a head. You need more than just a traditional head shot for your webpage!

Those are it. My big plans for 2015.  I am really excited to see where this year takes me. Let’s make something beautiful together!