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Following the Flowers

As we walked through the market last Friday,  I followed the flowers.  I watched them being prepped and trimmed and carefully selected by the vendors. The ends clipped and the stems adjusted, sorted and arranged just so.  I saw people carrying arms full of color throughout the day.  As they headed back to their cars or to a bus. As they played tourist down alley ways, or as they waited on the street corners patiently watching the flashing red hand to signal and change to the blinking white shape of person, giving the okay to step from the sidewalk’s corner.

I wondered if the bright bundles would decorate an Easter brunch table? Or perhaps be delivered to a hostess who was lovingly preparing ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans for dinner.  Perhaps the flowers would brighten a corner in their home, or be passed along to friend who needed cheering up. Where ever these flowers were heading, I am sure they are sitting beautifully, and making someone smile.

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Keep chasing the light, Vanessa