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Film Friday- Vito | From the Archives

Have I told you about Vito? He is quite the looker. A little old fashioned, but dapper. Oh, and his voice. That Swedish accent is something, I tell you. I found him one day by chance. I asked the gal behind the thrift store counter, “Do you have any cameras”? She looked at me funny and told me they had some old ones, but I wouldn’t want them…. I disagreed and asked her to see them, please.  It was one of the best blind dates I have ever had. I instantly fell in love with his leather jacket and chrome details.I was scared to take him out that first time. I hadn’t shot with a range finder before, unless you count a disposable camera. But Vito has more control and sophistication then those types, (mind you I love the disposables, but…). Holding him was exciting, yet, intimidating. In that, “first time” sorta way. I had to guess his sweet spot, isn’t that the way it always goes? I was literally fumbling around guessing how to make him work. It’s going to take some practice, but I think I liked this boy and his sassy ways.I decided that taking him out during Hot August Nights was a good choice. Classic, yet updated in the best possible way. The event is held in Reno, NV each summer, and I am missing summer right now… The streets of our city are filled with shiny and vintage cars of all kinds. This was right up Vito’s alley. I think it was a perfect first date for old Vito, aka Voigtlander Prontor-lux, and I. Don’t you?

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This post was originally written and photographed by for the Mortal Mused blog and is part of a new series I’m calling, From the Archives. Source: Film Friday- Vito | Mortal Muses

Wedding Wednesday – On Film

I almost always make a point to shoot a few images on film during my photo sessions. Weddings are no different, as a matter of fact, the magic of the day almost gauntness that I get something that instantly becomes a favorite.

Here are a couple of Polaroid photographs from last season’s weddings. Enjoy!

wedding (1 of 1)The lovely Alex heading to Chamber’s Landing, Lake Tahoe for her wedding ceremony.

wedding (1 of 1)-2Brian and Amy basking in their love and in the Lake Tahoe sunset.

Keep chasing the light, Vanessa


*Thanks to Corey Fox for having me along as second shooter for both of these beautiful weddings.

The Boy | Film Friday

There is something distinctly different about portraits shot on film vs in digital. I love them both for different reasons, I liken the differences to that of a painter using oil, acrylic or water color paints.These three photos of my son were taken using my Minolta 35mm.

MortalMuse (2 of 3)

If you are a fellow photographer, do you also shoot film in addition to digital during your sessions? If you are current client or prospective client, what would you say to a session shot in analog?

MortalMuse (1 of 3)Keep chasing that light – Vanessa