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Make Portraits – Self/Love Market

You know what’s fun? Well besides hanging out having a picnic in perfect PNW weather at Point Defiance Park this afternoon? It’s logging in to Facebook and Instagram to see portraits that I made on Friday night being posted and used for profile photos!
I was one of the vendors at a Handmade PNW Market event called, “Self Love Market”. It featured female entrepreneurs and invited women to join us for an evening of shopping, networking and mingling.At first I wasn’t sure if I should really be there (hello gremlins of “I’m not hip enough”, “I’m not a very good networker, this stresses me out”, you can go away now). I didn’t have a set up and was having a hard time figuring out where to locate myself. Inside was too cramped and small, and out back wasn’t really where the flow of traffic was headed. But, that’s where I decided to land and am glad I followed my instinct, because look at that lighting that mama nature threw around for me!As the evening moved on, the light got prettier, and ladies started to wander out the back door to find me. I found a two spots that I liked the background of, and had such a fun time photographing each one of the women or groups of women who braved getting in front of my lens.This morning when I received this amazing note back from one of the ladies in response to getting her images, I knew I had made the right decision to be at the market,

“Thank you SO MUCH for these.

I’ve never had head shots or any kind of portraits professionally taken before. I had a tough week this past week, and wasn’t totally sure that I wanted to go to that self love market. The fact that I had no makeup or hair done other than the red lipstick I put on at the market, would make me not want to get a photo taken. I’m so glad I did because you made me feel special in that moment. Thank you so much for that.”

It is my hope that anyone and everyone who steps in front of my lens feels special and seen. 

Thank you to all of you who came out to the event and for everyone who helped make it such a special evening.

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A Yoga Weekend at Camp Seymour | Washington Event Photography

A weekend away at camp. It was just like being a kid, only, we were thre to practice yoga all weekend. But there were some similarities to the old days of summer camp…FIP (3 of 85)There was time on the water.

FIP (54 of 85)Arts and crafts

FIP (4 of 85) FIP (5 of 85)


Exploring the outdoors, hiking, watching the sunset and searching for the stars in the dark.

FIP (65 of 85)There was playing with new friends in the grass.

FIP (77 of 85) FIP (48 of 85) FIP (41 of 85) FIP (35 of 85) FIP (25 of 85) FIP (81 of 85)But most of all, there was yoga, lots and lots of wonderful juicy, delicious yoga.

FIP (13 of 85)

A huge thank you to Rebeca, David and Amy for teaching, sharing and helping us explore our practice.

FIP (1 of 1)

Om shanti, shanti, om