Tacoma’s Stadium District

FIP (2 of 4)-2Can you believe this place is a high school? I felt like I was looking at Hogwarts or something, not a public high school building. Pulling out the 24-70 to get that ‘wide angle’ distortion sealed it for me here. Making those buildings look as if they are leaning in to one another makes this a little more surreal and magical.

FIP (3 of 4)-2Love finding California Golden Poppies up here in Washington. Takes me south for a moment or two.

FIP (1 of 4)-2

My son spotted this at the exact same time I did and told me,  “Mom, better take a picture”. I love that he is seeing things like this when we are out and about with our cameras. It’s the little details, the repetition and the everyday beauty that I want both of my kids to see in the world.

FIP (4 of 4)-2Attempting to make the Poppy “POP” like her new friend Katy showed her. FIP (1 of 1)-22I know she saw us, but I don’t think she realized we could see her up there as well. Catching someone in the frame like this is a little bit magic.

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