Tacoma Bound

Big news, big changes. Andy was offered a job in Tacoma, Washington. That’s two states away. We thought about it, mulled it over. Pros and cons, and all of the above. We have actually been thinking about some sort of a move for a long time. And decided it was one of those, “if not now then when”, moments and he accepted the offer.


Packing the house, selling off things that we don’t want to lug two states away and gifting other things. I have packed a bag of clothes for the kids and threw the rest of their things into boxes with labels. I have done the same for my things. I have filled up several garbage bags with random what is this? stuff that have amassed in the past year and a half. Pack and purge, pack and purge.

night fishing

We will be renting an apartment for about six months until we can get our heads wrapped around the neighborhoods of Tacoma. Eventually, we will purchase a house if everything seems to be settling in the way we want it to.


The idea of having a big going away part was tempting, but honestly, we knew we wouldn’t get to see and talk to everyone in a way we wanted so we are each doing our best to meet up with friends and family before we are north bound.


It’s scary and exciting, but mostly exciting. I can’t wait to show you a new city, a new state for that matter through my lens. Here’s to adventures!!



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