Backyard Dance

It’s around 8pm, dinner has been eaten and dishes are sloshing away in the washer. Tupperware containers have been filled with leftovers for lunches tomorrow. We are sitting on the back deck and the golden color starts to spread across the yard. I notices the light dancing on the tree branches.

FIP (1 of 1)The kids make one more masterpiece and head inside for their bath.

FIP (1 of 2)Cloe hasn’t left her post, that darn squirrel is harassing her and she is on patrol.

family (3 of 3)And the daisy dances in the quite of dusk.

family (1 of 3)Another day is closing and it’s beautiful.

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  1. ani July 24, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    Perfect end to a day.


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