this and that

it was good.

I got my hair cut

My flickr pro account ran out. It said I wouldn’t loose pictures, but I seem to not be able to locate some that I know were there before the account lost its pro-ness. weird.

A new season means new ways to entertain ourselves at the expense of the boy, he likes it, really.

Daddy-O is a total goof, I love that about him. (this is his way of saying he is way above just making the condiment tray, this is proof.)
condiment man
We got to go out on a date. Alone. Wow, food taste good when you have time to eat it and not be worried about someone crying or needing a dirty-d change. Thanks JoJo, your the best.

Been spending a bit of time in the craft room here and there, these are little bean bags. I think I will make more since they are quick and a great way to use up scraps.
cowboy beanbags

Work is starting to feel more normal again- I still can’t remember everything I used to know- terms/shop talk/random GIS vernacular, where things are saved, what kind of server we are using and the operating system it is on- ya know, the little things.
That’s okay though. It’s only been about a week.

Life is good and that is all that counts.

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  1. Kathleen December 2, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    hey there. was wondering how you were handling being back at work!
    LOVE the new haircut! great shape.

    your boy is getting bigger by the minute…and cuter, too!

    happy holidays, friend. xo


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