Liar, Liar….

9 truths, 1 lie
Nine are true and one is a lie…. your guess.
1. I make the meanest chocolate chip cookie in town with one exception- Ani (Pancakemama) makes a fierce Triple C.
2. I have a serious love affair going with the Justins- as in Timberlake and Bieber. (guilty pleasure anyone?)
3. I could out rebound girls who were half a foot taller than me in high school basketball. I can’t tell you how pissed off it makes a tall girl to get out jumped by a shortie.
4. I pushed for 5 hours (like push-pushed) when I gave birth to my son. holding him and his cone head was worth every drop of effort.
5. I am pigeon toed and knocked kneed.
6. As a kid, I helped my friend’s family heard cattle from one ranch to another riding horse back and then helped with the branding.
7.Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually really good, especially roasted over the branding fire.
8. I had my tongue and nose pierced in my early 20s. I miss my nose ring  and think I might re-pierce it for my 35th.
9. I can do 10 pull ups in a row.
10. My favorite yoga pose is Pincha Mayurasana (feathered peacock).

3 Comments Liar, Liar….

  1. Kippin November 28, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    This is tough, considering I was with you for a large chunk of your childhood, and remember some of things about you. Not sure about the Justins thing (I adore Justin T. but not so much the Beib). I checked out the feathered peacock and because I’m thinking you taught/teach yoga you can probably rock it. I’m going to go with pull-ups? They’re usually pretty hard for girls.

  2. Andy November 28, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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  3. Andy November 29, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Well first of all, your triple C’s are pretty awesome as I almost ate the last one this morning for breakfast. I can verify the Justin’s thing, they both put out some groovy beats, and I admit it they’re attractive. Yup, I believe the rural NV basketball stories so #3 seems plausible. #4 is true, it was definitely 5 hours of pushing for our boy but man it seemed way longer to me. Definitely #5 is true, I find these physical attributes attractive and they seem to benefit you when running long distances. Heard lot’s of stories about your time on the Casey Ranch however I’ve never verified your horse riding skills and that might help explain your desire to have chickens and a chicken coup, so I guess #6 could be true. #7 is definitely true, almost every time we have sushi, she’s gotta have the oysters. I was there for the re-piercing of the nose during the 20’s, so that one is true, you should get it pierced again, I think it would look totally hot and would remind me of when I first met you. To me #9 seems to be the false one, I’ve never witnessed a V pullup, I think the previous post explains that well, however, if you keep doing yoga I think you could get there pretty quick. Yeah, #10 is True, I’ve witnessed this one and have tried unsuccessfully to do it on a beach in S.C. I’m going with #9 all the way.


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