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My feet seem to be getting further and further out of reach these days. Thank goodness the weather allows for slip on shoes and flip flops. I know in another week or two I will be hard pressed to tie my shoes by myself.

No more vertigo this week (thank goodness). Just lots of movement, punches, kicks and I swear this kid has horns or maybe retractable claws because how else could it be poking me so hard. Maybe just an extra arm or leg (I kid) but sometimes it feels like it!

The week heated up and I was happy we had A/C in our house because sleeping in the heat is really hard to do when you are pregnant- not even a cool shower and wet hair was helping out on Monday and Tuesday evening.

I was told at work this week that I have a definite “pregnant lady waddle”. I was also told that I am HUGE already. I usually don’t take any of these comments to heart- I think it is funny since I know I still have inches and inches to grow before I really am HUGE. The baby sits weird on my pelvis somehow and does make me walk funny, maybe not a waddle, but there is a swing or extra bouncy from side to side in my step that I won’t deny.

I have a few sewing projects I am excited to share with you all – one I worked on late last night to finish for the weekend (a stars and stripes ‘picnick’ blanket to sit on while watching the fireworks!).

paw-sicle smile

Happy Fourth of July my friends! We will be busy eating “paw-sicles”, swimming in the old Mill Pond and enjoying one of my favorite holidays.

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  1. caitlin July 2, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    LOVE the first picture. Love your shoes too.

    Sounds like the pregnancy thing is going well. That little O sure is cute with his pawsicles.

  2. earthycrunchy July 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    It has been getting a little hot! I’m glad your vertigo is gone. What a combo! vertigo and being pregnant! I like the waddle. In fact, sometimes I still waddle a little even though I’m not pregnant! Happy Summer Vanessa!


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