12 of 52: the worker bee addition

So I realized that this little blog has been full of food lately, I hope you all don’t mind! it’s just where I am at right now. But what else is going down you ask? Here’s a little look.
Last week moved into a new office. It was only a move next door to my old office, but it has a window (that opens) and a door that shuts/locks. It is amazing how different I feel in there- just that bit of fresh air and natural light does a girl good. The locking door is a bonus. When I go back to work after maternity leave I will be back to pumping about 3x a day- last time around I had people walking in on me during this process left and right, ignoring the large sign I posted on the door (or just not knowing what ‘pumping’ was)- let’s just say they were more than surprised to find me scrambling at getting myself hidden! 
I am really getting excited to be done with work for awhile and off on leave… Just don’t know when that will start. Oh the anticipation of a new baby is the craziest thing. I like my job, but it has been a turbulent 7 months or so with layoffs and reorganization. Over half of the department I am part of was cut, including our director. Lots of really good people are gone and it is sad. I some how managed to keep hold of my spot and my co-worker’s spot. I hope after I come back, refreshed, in the winter I can really get down to business and show them why the work that I do is so important and why they need us around. Right now I am burnt out and more frustrated than anything.

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  1. Teresa August 18, 2010 at 12:10 am

    OMG..the exact same thing used to happen to me at work! I would post a sign..and people would ignore it. I’ll never forget the day this kind of weird woman came in and started eating her lunch while I pumped asking me if I belonged to “le leche league”. I guess she assumed since I was breastfeeding I should belong to this..she didn’t have kids. It was funny. ANyways..sorry to ramble. Congrats on the new office and for baby being so close!

  2. caitlin August 18, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Congrats on the new office! It’s always nice to have a space of your very own. (ie: locking doors and window)

  3. earthycrunchy August 19, 2010 at 3:38 am

    That would totally freak me out if someone walked in while I was pumping! Talk about being exposed! I hope you have this baby soon and you can relax on maternity leave for a while. It will be a great time of year to have a baby! 🙂


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