108:366, proof

Proof that I can still be bright eyed, even after a long day (that started at 3am) of playing mom, work out buddy, wife, and worker bee.
This shot was taken yesterday as a warm up drill. Next week I embark on an adventure of self portraiture. I am joining a fierce group of women for an online photography class called, NOW YOU.

Why am I taking on such a challenge? Part of it is to learn and grow as an individual as well as a photographer. But a big part of it is so that my kids and maybe there kids, will have photos of the person who was mostly behind the lens. I want to show them that I wasn’t afraid of who I am and maybe help them know a different part of me than just, “mom”.

I might share images here, I might not. But I am really looking forward to the next several weeks as I dive deeper into the craft of photography and self exploration.

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  1. Ani April 19, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    The proof is in those beautiful eyes. 🙂

    I was so tempted to join NOW YOU, but I can’t take a photo of myself to save my life. My confidence levels are next to nil lately. However, I never even considered the fact that Kidlet will have no photos of me when she grows up. It was such a strange realization. Maybe if there’s a NOW YOU TWO, I’ll have to get over my hang ups.

    1. Vanessa/NessieNoodle April 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm

      oh lady, you really should sign up. I feel like this is going to be an amazingly supportive and creative bunch. There is a private group on Flickr, so only those involved will see what we are up to, if that is what we choose. Think it over, and I am pretty sure there will be more workshops. I am so excited to be working with Meredith and Kristin, especially after the class at Tea house I was supposed to take with them next month had been canceled… it was the next best thing.


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