September 2015, Five on the Fifth

At the end of each month my messenger app starts to fill up with notifications.

It usually goes something like, “It’s almost the 5th!”

“New month on the horizon!”

followed up with:

“Where did this month go?”

“Did I even take five photos last month?”

“This month kicked my butt.”

“Tons of client work, not a lot of personal work.”

This practice of stopping and looking back, it’s so good for all of us. We get so busy. Sometimes we forget to see just how far we are stretching ourselves, how much we are doing to move forward towards our dreams and our art. Taking the time to sit with our photos each month is so important. What did the past 30ish days bring that the others didn’t? Did we accomplish a ton of client work, did we shoot everything from our phones or maybe we were on a film kick. Were we working on personal projects that month? Did we achieve new goals?  For me, the practice of going back helps me see that I am in fact growing and working hard at this craft and this business of photography. It keeps me coming back for more. It reminds me where my strengths are and where my weakness sit. I am okay with both observations and use them to push me into the next month of filling my cards with frames of photos.

September was full and busy and I missed August’s post. Today, I will share a few photos from that month here too.  And when you are done here, why don’t you click on over to Adriana’s blog and see what her September held…Thank you again to the photographers in this blog ring. It’s all of you who keep me inspired and keep the a small corner cultivated each month with these posts and photos.

Ready? Here are my five photos for August and September…

Wedding details.  This year’s season picked up late and I was busy shooting and assisting at 4 weddings in 8 weeks.

2015-10-04_0002The kids, they turned 5 and 7 AND started a new school year all withing a matter of 4 days.2015-10-04_0001

FIP (9 of 9)
First day of 2nd and “Fives”

We traveled to Orcas Island last month. I was assisting a wedding and we thought it was a great excuse to check out more of Washington. We camped and explored the island. I practiced with my Polaroid and I love this image of two strangers riding the ferry back to Anacortes on Sunday afternoon. (If the Viewfinders website is back up and running, you can see more from this trip here). During the same weekend, as we were driving around checking things out, we found an awesome skate park. We had the place to ourselves on Sunday morning and ran the kids around and made up games since we didn’t have any scooters or boards with us.  I took the image using my iPhone 5 editing in VSCOcam.FIP (6 of 6)-3
Skate parkI co-taught at a yoga retreat last month. It was amazing to share my practice in this way. I was honored to be asked to join my friend Rebeca, to teach and demo over an entire weekend. I left my big camera at home this year, but did bring my phone and wide angle lens (so silly and fun to use this little accessory)! (images from last year can be found here) Untitled
Big beauty-FULL months of work and play, and creating and decompressing. I love this life I am building here in the Pacific Northwest.

xoxo, Vanessa

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