October’s Five on Five

October was filled with magical moments. I was incredibly lucky to have spent two weekends in a row on the coast. Once on the Washington coast with my sweet family, and then once on the Oregon coast with friends. The family and I also did some exploring of local events and wandered around both the Tacoma’s and the Seattle’s Maritime Festivals.  I second shot a wedding, and of course, there was Halloween.  Wow, I am tired just writing all of this down.
FIP (1 of 1)-42

Morning walk on the beach

FIP (5 of 6)

Evening walk on the beach.

The blue broke through this afternoon.  After I took a catnap in the sunny spot on the couch, we ran errands and went out to dinner.  #liquidlandscapes #TacomaArtist #focusinphotography #pnw #upperleftusa #thisiswashington

Reflecting at Narrows Marina while out to eat with the family (iPhone).

20140929-2014 09 29_September_V_4316

A message from the Universe passed along to me while out exploring around Chambers Bay (iPhone).

FIP_halloween (26 of 28)I see you!

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