November’s 5 on 5

November was full of activities, family and friends. The days are getting shorter and the air much cooler.  We are shifting into winter mode and holiday crazy. I have been making a point to shoot with my DSLR and not just my iPhone when I am with the family and I am so glad.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past month. I hope you enjoy!
Leave raking, unprompted, I love this boy. He insisted I should get out there and help him… I asked him how much his dad had payed him to tell me that, tee hee.
FIP (1 of 1)-60The girl started half day Pre-K in the afternoons.  Just two and a half hours, but it has sparked new interest in words and letters and numbers.
FIP (5 of 5)-4I started a new photography/blog project with my friend Liz Lamoreux. We had a marathon photo shoot at my house one morning while our girls played downstairs. How awesome is it to have a creative that I have followed online for so long as a neighbor and a friend!? (Here, she is holding a print created by artist, Lori Portka)

FIP_Liz (39 of 39)We joined the art museum as members and are thrilled with the open studio and art supplies. The shows they have up right now are amazing, but I need to go without the kids to really spend time with the art instead of worrying about the safety of the art.
FIP (1 of 1)-58We had an amazing Thanksgiving. My godparents and my mom drove up from Reno and our amazing Tacoma friends joined our table.  What a lovely day and so much to be thankful for.

FIP (1 of 1)-59Have you made the rounds? I was running a little behind this month, but the other ladies in this little blog roll have had their post up and running. Make sure you hop on over to Adriana’s next!

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