May’s 5 on 5

I am a bit late to posting this toady. But, here it is my favorite five images from May. Over the past month we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, made some big decisions for our Tacoma life, and made lots of plans for the coming summer. We soaked up the sun when is shined and replenished in the rain when it fell. The entire family has spent lots of time at the local YMCA. Between yoga, swim lessons, family swim, ballet, and gymnastics, they pretty much know us by name these days.  (Speaking of yoga, I am going to be teaching again soon! if you are in the Tacoma, Washington area stay posted with upcoming schedule news here. Actually, if you are anywhere and are interested in yoga, click on the link and give my new page a like. I might have something up my sleeve for everyone in the near future).

Seattle_CSA (3 of 6)
I shot my first wedding of 2014 during May. Something about this one from that afternoon makes me really happy.

Seattle_CSA (4 of 6)I was downtown Tacoma running errands for some big things that are happening this month and the rain stopped. The way the light filtered through the clouds and onto the port was magical.

Seattle_CSA (5 of 6)We said goodbye to my mom at the beginning of the month. She headed back to Reno to tend to her world down there for a few months. I love this photo of us that my husband took.

Seattle_CSA (6 of 6)What to say about this one…  I was having tea and really great visit with a new friend,  and this bridal party wandered into the shop.  It was totally entertaining to be a bystander to the wedding day photo chaos.

This. her art is changing and becoming more and more detailed. This was a self portrait she did of herself. Can you see the eyes and the nose? It’s fascinating to watch her work.

FIP (1 of 1)-24

Hope you enjoyed a quick look into my month. Be sure to head over to Adriana’s blog to see what she had going on last month.

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  3. Jill July 5, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Love seeing Tacoma through your lens. 🙂


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