June’s 5 on 5 | the iPhone edition

This month’s 5 on 5 will be a little different. I am traveling and don’t have access to all of my images from the past month. I decided I still wanted to post, but it will be five of my favorites from the past week, all shot with my iPhone 5. maybe next week when I am back and have had the chance to sort through all the amazing sessions, events, and weddings from the past few weeks; I will post a second 5 on 5.
Make sure to head on over to Adrianna’s space and see what her June looked like. I am so honored I be connected to these talented women via photography.


live music at the OffTract year celebration at Sierra Water Gardens

wedding reception details

this way…. Grocery store parking lot self portrait

The kids climbing a tree in their grandma’s yard. Pure summer vacation right there.
One of my favorite sets of smells, sage and pine.

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  1. Staci July 5, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Love these! I also love the idea of two 5 on 5’s from you!


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