January 5 on 5

January was both extremely fast and yet, I sort of don’t remember what happened all the way back at the beginning of the month. Maybe the best way to define the month would be to call it FULL. Photographically, I had some great opportunities – I got to play with off camera flash. I hung out on a fairly big photo shoot, results from the day will befeatured in some large name magazines. I spent the day twirling an umbrella, cutting up apples, being a good assistant the photographer, models and stylist. I went on two epic and super silly photo walks with a great group of local photographers. Andy and I got a four day get away visit to Tacoma, WA. I was asked to do photos for The Nest. Owner, Tessa outfitted the boys of Vokab Kompany before their show at the Brew Haha and had me come in and photograph the chaos and fun. 
Personal projects for the new year, I started two new 365 challenges and a 52 week challenge.One of these has caught on like wild fire over on Instagram, and I now have well over 60 people “Shaking it Out” with me on their iPhones and androids. I was asked to be a part of a fantastic group of photographers for a new blog project called The Hours. We are only a month deep, but we have caught the attention of the Flickr blog and Tracy over at Shutterbean.
February has a ton of promise and excitement both professionally and personally. I am looking forward to the whirlwind I know it will be. If you are local, I would LOVE to have you come see me and my work at one or both of the group art shows I am participating in this month- February 6th head down to Never Ender for the Broken Hearts Collide Group show at 6pm. The second show will be February 8th at Atelier Beauty Bar. Help them celebrate their grand opening at the Launch Party and Art Show. I am also working out the details for a workshop that involves packaging and washi tape. More news on that soon!
Now, on to my favoirte photos from January!
Austin 1
Off camera flash with Austin
Part of the Off-Tract blog photo session. 
9 | negative space
Lights of Tacoma, WA
VokabNest (21 of 47)
Burke and Robbie finding their way at The Nest.


Mad love for the Yashica that we found while exploring American Flats with the Photowalkers of Reno.

Now head over to see what Adriana has going down for her five favorites this month.

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