December 2013 – 5 on 5

December was so incredibly full. I celebrated my birthday, we had lots of family time and friends around. Christmas was sweet and simple. I finished my 365 challenge and photographed three special families. I can’t express how full I felt as the year ended. It was almost a complete opposite from last year. My word, my heart, and my life is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see where things lead in 2014.
Make sure to head over to see what December 2013 looked like at Smallroots when you are done here. 
Andy and I during my birthday date in Tahoe.
O flying his new glider toy at the park. I love how both he and the toy are on the edges with the big blue sky filling in the space behind him.
This lovely lady and her family made my heart fill with love. Laughter really is good medicine.
An adorable fluff ball that belongs to a family that I was incredibly honored to photograph.
20131225-20131225-IMG_2577 Christmas Day, chillaxin by the tree.
Cookies were made...  #pictapgo_app #holidazzle #december #baking #bakingforsanta
And one more because it’s my blog and I can, tee hee.So much baking and eating. yum!

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