April’s Five on Five

April- full of adventure, family, play time, friendships. You were exhausting and beautiful and re-affirming in so many ways.  I really do love these five on five posts where I get to relook and recap all the adventures I had with my camera. Make sure to click on through after you see what I was up to and check out the other woman in the blog circle, starting with Adriana at Smallroots.20160401-IMG_8456
Date night with my hubby.

20160408-IMG_8504Our new garden! My husband worked so hard to build these new raised bed. Food not lawns, plus it brings everyone out to visit in the neighborhood. It’s pretty fun.20160416-IMG_8546My boy playing in the woods while we were camping in Olympic National Park. 20160422-IMG_8611A boat, on a lake, by our private cabin. well, not my private cabin, but a sweet little spot I stayed at outside of Bend, Oregon. 20160422-IMG_8614Peel apart film, tree hugging, sister hood and a weekend away with some amazing ladies.



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  1. Michelle GD May 5, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    that’s a good, good month.
    (love that shot of the boat) (and your boy) x


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