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So 14 days ago I started on a journey. I decided to give the project 365 another go. I did this before but only made it to day 101 and had set out to do a self portrait every day. This time I am going at a little bit differently. I have decided to take a photo a day, of whatever I feel wraps up or was needing documentation. I will be turning the camera on myself weekly, continuing my 52 weeks project, probably a weekly “Homeschooling” assignment and monthly you will see our family photo pop in there too.
But here’s the thing. I have been adding my photos and writing every day, but they only seem to make it to Flickr and then not over here. I thought about how to deal with this and decided to do a weekly wrap up on the blog. So here is week one…
chalk board fun,
making each other giggle,
pumpity-pump pump,
a happy face on a lunch break,
finding the color in winter,
“my” moon in the walmart parking lot
puzzles before bed.
week 1

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  1. caitlin January 14, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Love these. Especially the one with the dog in the green van. Too cute.

    Sorry I have been MIA, this New Year has had a lot of changes. Good changes, but it’s causing me to reorganize my life and priorities. Meaning my blogging has been suffering.

    Hope all is well! xo Caitlin

  2. Ani January 14, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    I was thinking about the exact same problem. I feel fairly busy on the web, but the blog is missing out. A weekly wrap is a mighty fine idea (and little J in that bottom photo…how did I miss that cuteness?!).


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