where does it go?

Where does it go?
 It seems that I am busier since being away from the office than when I was there.
How the heck did I fit everything in to the day while at work 40 hours a week?
205:365, letters
Our roommate’s family was in town last week, and they wanted to make sure to squeeze in a dinner with us. So, last Monday evening we got to visit and hang out with them. It was really great and they keep insisting that we should move to Oregon- they love it up there! You never know, it might just happen.
206:365, busy as a
On Tuesday, I had an interview for a new job. It went well, but why oh why must they ask questions like, “What would your current or previous employer say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses”?
Andy says I shouldn’t take that question so literally. I have to admit, with the way I have been getting kicked around by my current employer, I almost cried when I had to answer the weakness portion of the question. I have been asking myself over and over again, what DID I do to make it so they wanted to get rid of me like they did? I know I have to stop thinking like that, but man, that question really did a number on me.
207:365, shore
Wednesday I worked on a few emails to my current employer and did some real thinking about what our options are right now. To help clear my mind afterward, I headed up to Donner Lake with my mom for a really nice walk around Donner State Park and a toe dip into the lake. I love it up there and always forget just how quiet it is on the east end of the lake (and the water is a tad warmer over there too because it isn’t as deep).
I am a mom
I’ve been getting to enjoy the moments with the kids so much more lately. We decided not to take them out of daycare while I was home until we knew for sure if I would be working or not. I like not having to rush so much in the morning to get them off to school and being able to pick them up early if I want to. I also like getting to make my own schedule and make plans like wandering around the thrift store mindlessly.  This week I found a bit of color, just what I needed to help keep my spirits bright.
more color
Thursday, oh Thursday. I had been holding off taking a photo all day since I knew we were going to go to the baseball game later that evening. Unfortunately, I had also taken some time to pull my memory card out and didn’t put it back in, it is the first official day of not taking a photo this year, (I made it to day 208)- but if I had taken a shot, it would have looked a lot like this one:
208:365, the make up shot
Friday was another whirl-wind day. I walked with one of my girlfriends in the morning and then I had a third meeting with my office to discuss options and a possible placement for me. I am still not satisfied with what they are offering and asked them several questions that I felt needed answering before I would agree to show up to work with a new title (and decreased pay). It was the first meeting where I didn’t cry my eyes out I felt strong and confident, almost as if I had the upper hand on the situation.
(hello, I do! I just have to remember that I have a boat load of knowledge that nobody else there has and leverage it.)

209:365, rainbow

It was incredibly hot out all day. Thunderheads built up and we got some excitement in the late evening. After dinner we headed outside to play in the front yard to ride bikes and watch the storm.

power to the peopleuntitled-101107-4 biker

A fire broke out to the west of us, the power went out, a rainbow appeared to the east and a bunch of the neighbors came out to visit since they couldn’t watch TV while the electricity was off.


We decided to go out for ice cream while we waited for the power to come back on, it was a perfect way to enjoy the evening and the rainstorm.


Today has been extremely chill. We visited with Andy’s parents, had lunch, and put the kids down for a nap. They both slept for 3+ hours which gave us time to hang out and enjoy the quiet.
I finally finished the first sleeve on my Tea Leaves cardi and watched the X-games skateboarding street competition on TV. It was wonderfully lazy all around.

210:365, lazy

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and staying cool and safe where ever you are!

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  1. The Giant August 9, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Hugs, and more hugs. Hang in there and believe in yourself. You rock woman.


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