Father’s Day weekend turned out to be a really nice one this year.
We originally had plans for Saturday afternoon that fell through.
That freed us up to take up another invitation to go camping at Frenchman Lake.
On Friday night (while we were still home), our housemate had friends over. We shared our home brew and they made us dinner.
It’s great to have foodie people around!
The theme of the night was kebabs – these were delicious!
I can’t wait to make these again this summer.
(recipe from Every Day Foods. I can’t find the recipe over there, but it is in the latest magazine along with about 5 others.)
*note to self, “Self, use old bay seasoning more often, especially on corn.”
167:365, uh huh
Our menu sort of went downhill from there, however.
Super classy and healthy (HA!) camp food. Um, hot dogs, chips, smores, and of course, soft serve ice cream from the Chilcoot Frosty on the way home.
I wish I would have gotten my camera out for that part- but really it was better it stayed in the case.
I was covered in O’s melting and mushy ice cream cone.
It is quite possible that I had more on me than he actually had in his tummy by the end of it all.
Thank goodness for baby wipes!
O dog
He ate not one, but two dogs with lots of catchup on them for dinner and then one for breakfast on Sunday, what? we don’t eat like that normally, I swear.
168:365, smores
Have you ever used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for your s’mores?
um, oh YEAH! good call.
tree stump bench
All of the developed campsites were full by the time we got up there.
So we ventured out a dirt road and found a sweet little spot near a creek.
When we were getting unpacked O looked up at Daddy-O and said, “When are we going to the real camp spot?”
“O, we are at the real camp spot.”
“No, Dad. This isn’t a camp spot, it doesn’t have a picnic table.”
Oh man that kid. He makes the best observations sometimes.
Fifi in the ergo
We made up for some of the junk food intake by taking a nice walk up the road from our camp spot to hunt down wild flowers and burn off some energy.
Fifi and little H. hung out in the ergos.
(I shot the above picture over my shoulder, I couldn’t love it more)
The big kids ran around like crazy, kicking up dust and enjoying
 the last bit of sunshine for the day.
I love how kids just run to run.

Thanks to C and J for inviting us along for the quick over-nighter.
Next time we will try not to pick such a bumpy road for the Prius to drive down!

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  1. Caitlin June 21, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    Love the pictures! It feels like I was there. And now I want a dark chocolate smore!

  2. Vanessa/NessieNoodle June 21, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    @Caitlin hey you! Thanks for the photo love- and make sure you have one of those smores before summer is over…you won’t be sorry.

  3. Ani June 30, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    The kids discovered “smoreos” at our bonfire on the beach. Pop open an oreo type cookie (the Newman’s ginger sandwich cookies rocked!), put your gooey marshmallow in the middle, reassemble, eat. Yum.

    Love the Fifi in the carrier shot. Perfect.


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