week 3 wrap up

I find myself a bit tired and maybe a little melancholy at the end of this week. I have been trying hard to find motivation, but feel trapped in space that really lacks. Perhaps it’s just the winter blues, perhaps it’s just being over tired, or maybe it’s just one of those weeks where I have to allow myself to let things bubble to the surface and attempt to find my groove again.
It actually was a pretty good week, so I need to just snap out of it!
This week was inadvertently centered around food for many of my photos I just realized…

We had a feathered friend visit the yard,
breakfast at 5th Street Bakehouse,
lunch date at Archie’s with my man
lunch date/picnic with my mama downtown and a little walk along the river
Fifi takes a ride in the bouncer, big bro shows her how it works (and yes, he HAD to get in there when she was done, he totally bottomed the thing out)
Just another evening in the kitchen
a forgotten memory card, but drinks and tapas with my girls-a much needed mommy date.

week 3

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  1. Ani January 24, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    I hope you are kicking those blahs in the booty! I’m ready to fast forward to spring now, since I’m so much happier when it stays lighter later.


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