Week 13

To say that 13 is an unlucky number would be crazy. This week was filled with some of the most inspiring things yet for the year.

I ran and practiced/taught yoga.


I was up late learning about studio photography and lighting techniques.


I made some cookies for some very special and generous people.


I was glowing with energy after meeting fellow Shutter Sisters, in person.


I jumped with even more amazing women after a crazy-good day wandering around Chinatown. What wonderful stories, energy, and fellow artists. All who inspired beyond what I had imagined. It felt so good to be around others who “got it” when I pulled out yet another camera (I had 5 in all) and patiently waited as I loaded film or wandered off mid-sentence because the light caught my eye.


I took some quiet time to drink in all that I had gotten to experience. I will be sharing more here and there from my trip to San Francisco, soon-ish.

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