Taking it to the bank

In an effort to encourage potty training, I had O paint his car bank the other day.
Every time he goes on the potty he gets a coin.
On the days he is at school, if he stays dry all day, he gets two coins to put in the bank that night.

I am using it as a way to

a) avoid the candy bribes for potty use,
b) learn the different names of the coins and how much each is worth,
c) and mix things up a bit to keep his motivation going.
He really is doing quite well with the whole thing.

He does have accidents, but he also insists some nights to go to bed without a pull-up or a diaper on,
“Just my undies, Mom”.
Number two seems to be more tricky to get him to do on the potty for some reason. I was reading that boy have a harder time because they have to learn two different methods in the bathroom unlike girls who just sit to do all their business.
Maybe it’s because peeing on a tree is fun and easy (yes, we are those parents)
pooing is sort of scary with the threat of falling in the bowl.
I am really proud of my little man for the progress we are making on this milestone achievement.
185:365, piggy bank painting
I am also really excited to not have two kids in diapers!

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  1. keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia July 9, 2011 at 3:08 am

    it took emma a really long time to poop on the potty … like almost a year after she was pee-pee potty trained. i guess it’s all the pushing and plopping? LOL


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