on a lighter note…

When you have a Friday like this, you need to have a weekend like this….
evening walk
202:365, O and his
sweet Fifi
We got this scoot bike for O at Christmas time, he is finally tall enough for his feet to touch the ground. He wants to take it everywhere, and wear that helmet ALWAYS, to the store, to the restaurant.
He was singing a great little song when I took this- I SO wish my DSLR had video, it was pretty priceless.
“Singin’, eeeeneemeeneee, mine-eee-momomo, catch a whipper-whapper, but the toe-o-o-o. If he hollers, hollers, let him go. sigin’, eeeeneemeeneee, mine-eee-momomo,”
gold and silver, coffee
gold and silver, waffles
gold and silver, crayons
gold and silver, sugar packets
Breakfast at the Gold’n’Silver.
A favorite greasy spoon of mine.
It’s been around forever and was recently featured in “Dinners,Drive-ins and Dives“.
The staff is always nice and they don’t freak at loud kids or huge messes. Plus, the people watching is fantastic.
I was thinking it would be fun to do a photo project where I photographed the staff and clientele.
Mid-day, we split up and I went with Fifi to Truckee to hang out with family and Daddy took O to the GSR to play in the pool with his cousins.
pub and sub, pizza
walker 203:365, walker
The day was dotted with wonderful things. But, this part stuck out in my mind the most, Fifi taking some of her first steps. We decided to go to pizza and beer for dinner.
As we waited for our food, we let the kids run around.
She can only do one or two and then falls down, but she gets back up again and gives it another try. Everyone in the back patio was cheering her on, it was so sweet.
At the drive-in
At the drive-inAt the drive-in
After dinner we loaded up the truck with blankets and pillows and lawn chairs and went to the drive in! I had never been and it was a fun way to spend the late evening. It might have been a little stressful when the kids were both screaming, but all in all it was a hoot. Of course, we saw “Car-car”.
204:365, wagon rides


Sunday night we grilled corn and tri-tip and played in the back yard.
I am so glad he thinks pulling her around is as much fun as getting to ride.
These are the things that make it all worth it, really. I don’t care how cheesy that sounds, it’s true.

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  1. keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia July 25, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    i just love your posts lately … i mean, i wish you knew what in the world is going on at your job, but seeing more of the kids is helping. 😉


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