Let the birthday weekend begin!

Last night we went to sushi last night for Daddy-O’s birthday (Hiroba Sushi). Our chief, Harrison, made us this special roll. When I asked him what he called it, he asked me what my name was. Then told me that it was the “Vanessa Roll”.  tee hee
sushi makers
Dinner was SO good and we had a fantastic time out on our date. (Thanks Jojo and Kate for watching the kids!) After sushi we went downtown and played darts at a local Irish pub, Ceol.  I got my butt kicked, but I didn’t do too badly considering I haven’t ever really played darts before…good times.
57:365, birthday prep
This morning I got up and got busy making a Chocolate Stout Cake and some yellow cake cupcakes for tonight’s dinner. I am a little disapointed in the cupcakes. I got the mix at Trader Joe’s and I don’t really like the taste and the ‘muffin top’ of almost all of them crumbled on me. I won’t be back for that again. Oh well, enough chocolate frosting can fix anything, right?
cup cakes
birthday cake

cake tin

cupcake rows

We are off to a fantastic start~
I love birthday weekends!

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  1. angela February 28, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    look at these beautiful photos! it all looks amazing – I love your cake dish.


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