January and thoughts for February

January 2011
(to see it larger click on the image)
I love seeing the whole month together like this.
So far so good on my photo a day. I am really enjoying finding something to snap and even on those days when I don’t feel super motivated a photo seems to pop out at me and I go for it. I like that.
So here are my thoughts about February, I think I will automatically send my 365 posting from Flickr over here. I want to be keeping these photos and thoughts in one place and although Flickr gives that to me, I don’t like that it all isn’t over here with other goings on in my world. Plus, I can also add in a few other photos of the day or even that I didn’t pick as ‘the one’.Which is nice when you have a hard time choosing just one image for the entire day.

So here is yesterday’s photo and thoughts…

32:365, traffic
Part of my five minute commute. the sun is brutal in the afternoons lately, but really I am just glad to get off before it is dark. I used to be annoyed when the sun came in like this to my windshield, now all I can see is the possible flare photo that I could be taking.

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