It’s Ace-ball Season

158:365, Homebase
Ace’s home plate.
Baseball Fan
Ready to play.
He and Daddy-O caught that ball at the last game
they went to earlier this season.
Long afternoon shadows.
ace ball girl
Fifi taking in all the excitement of the game.
She loved when we would all clap our hands.
box seats
We had box seats, for free!
watching the game
We had a really fun time at the game against the Salt Lake City Bees (we won!).
Though staying up so late made for a very hard wake up this morning
for daycare and work.

2 Comments It’s Ace-ball Season

  1. Lisa Mae June 9, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Yay to the ball game (and that cute little hat!). These photos are so gorgeous!


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