horsing around

Over the Memorial Day weekend we went up to Greagle, CA to hang out with my husband’s family at their cabin. It was a quick, little “get out of town” trip with a beautiful drive.
The weather had been cold and wet, with snow showers on Saturday leaving a dusting of white when we woke up on Sunday morning. It cleared up enough by 10:30ish for us to take the kids down to the stables so they could have a ride on the horses.
greagle stables
O was really cute as we drove down to the stables and asked,
“Did we bring any treats for them”?
pretty details
I hadn’t even thought of doing that. It made sense for him to ask since we usually visit the neighborhood horses when we have leftover carrots or apples to share.
148:365, at the stables
O watching from the sidelines
Buddy riding Merlin
It took a little encouraging (and some cousinly peer pressure), but he eventually put on the helmet and got on the horse named “Kid”. The horses are so mellow and the cowboys(and one cowgirl) leading the rides were really great with the kids making them feel comfortable with these wonderful animals.
introducing himself to Kid
an unsure smile (how cute is that ca-boy?)
hobble-de-hoy, hobble-de-hoy
hobble-de-hoy, hobble-de-hoy
O and his cousin B taking a ride
Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, O randomly spoke up and told me ,
“I love horses. I want to ride again.”
I think this summer we could arrange that. And, I would like to take one of the trail rides that are offered- I haven’t been on a horse since I was probably 9 or 10 years old.

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