good reminders

She came over with soup made from Saturday night’s turkey dinner. 
We finished off the bottle of left over wine.
Later, I mixed up a batch of brownies
A perfect Tuesday evening.
144:365, new glasses
My new specs came in, perfectly nerdy.
You can’t really tell here, but they are a wonderful, dark purple with blue on the inside.
I love them, and guess what? I can see when I am on the computer!
Boont Amber Ale, happy hour
Had a date night with my best girl.
Beers, burgers and Bridesmaids.
Driving home I knew that no matter what happens in the next few weeks,
I have a really good friend who will be there no matter what.
And really, isn’t that all we need, people who love us.

146:365, good mail

On Friday, an unexpected package came in the mail from an ex-coworker and wonderful friend  who now lives in Santa Fe, NM
(Hi Vern! I miss you tons).
She made Fifi a dress… with birds on it.
Oh, and check that card, I think she needs to get a flickr account of her own.
just sayin’.

147:365, girls rule
Up at the cabin.
My niece and my father in law (her grandpa) have a running joke/competition…
girls rule, (obv.!)
She was making these signs and hiding them all over the cabin for him to find.
(update! this photo was “Photo of the Day” over at Maternal Lens!)

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