glass full of sun

…and a weekend full of sun as well. We had dinner at our friends house on Friday night. It was really nice and super mellow. the kids played and we chatted.
Saturday was full as well. A run to Costco. (I dropped off 5 rolls of film!! so excited to see those) and then I met up with my girls for lunch downtown. My bestie and her girl came over for “Andy-que” and again, the kids played like crazy and we just enjoyed each other’s company.
prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Sunday was pretty chill. O did really good with the potty training. He only had one accident, right after nap. He didn’t wet the bed, but he likes to wander around upstairs for a bit as he is waking up before coming down and so he was soaked. He is doing pretty good though and I am so proud of him.
92:365, in training
We took a walk to feed the neighbor’s horses but they weren’t out where we could see them so we just walked to the park where we ran into some friends of friends. O almost fell asleep in the swing so we headed home. Fifi fell asleep in the backpack that Daddy-O had her in as we walked home. Daddy-O worked in the garden and I got some of the laundry piles done and the floors vacuumed.
I was hoping to squeeze in a nap but it didn’t happen.
I hope your weekend was lovely.

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  1. April 4, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Good luck with the potty training! I love photo #2, did I miss it on flickr?


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