Back-off, Bro

I love the look she is throwing him in this shot!
so funny.

yes she is standing up, unassisted…I put her like that so she could play, but she has been trying to pull up onto things on her own and can get to her knees sometimes and then gets stumped as to what to do next. She also gets totally stuck standing when I set her up like this. Like she isn’t quite sure how to get back to the floor. I remember O doing this too.

play together
In other Fifi news, the two bottom chompers are pushing their way through.
If she is anything like her big brother, he better watch out because those teeth are sharp, sharp, sharp
No more gummy smile…
thank you for your words, thoughts and emails about my last post. I really feel like writing helps me process things in a way that nothing else can.
So thank you for letting me put all of this out here.

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  1. Melissa May 4, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Gosh, i just love her chubby little legs


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