Apparently, I like orange and yellow

As I was putting together my monthly wrap up for May, I couldn’t figure out where I was missing a date. I swore I had taken a picture and I was totally sad when I looked on my computer and found nothing for the 30th. I knew I took a picture on Monday, but I couldn’t remember of what. When it was on the hard drive I just chalked it up to forgetting. I told myself that I must have just ‘mentally’ snapped pictures all day, but failed to pick up my actual camera. But today, I was uploading photos from my memory card and much to my surprise I found the images from Monday evening. I hadn’t forgotten! I haven’t missed a day yet in my project and I am stoked.
150:365, juicy
How could I have forgotten those pretty colors from dinner on Monday night?
Daddy-O was making some compound-b (butter) with citrus and fennel (holy crap, its good). He had bought some salmon and asparagus to grill and the butter was to put on top,
mmmm butter.
After he was done chopping and juicing I told him I would clean up with the intention of capturing the yellows, oranges and greens.
152:365, home means nevada
There has been a lot of looking at other places to live lately. Not because we want to, but because we might have to. It breaks my heart a little. Nevada, it’s not just a good basin, it’s a GREAT Basin..
And this is when I bust out into song….”home means Nevada, home means the hills, home means the sage and the pines… “
Do you know your state song? O has been requesting that I sing the Nevada song to him. He almost has it memorized. I love that, a lot.
dorky or cute?
I cleaned out my closet and dresser last weekend (goal!). I kept pieces that I can mix and match and challenged myself to work on doing just that. This quirky get-up is a result of that. I think it is somewhere between dorky and cute… I don’t know, but I rocked it all the same… My mom found that silly fish belt. Daddy-O teases me to no end, “nice perch”, but I sorta love the randomness of it all.

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  1. jane June 6, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    i think you are rocking it! 🙂


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