afternoon acrobatics

Oh this kid,
he is either upside down,
or attempting to get himself upside down as of late.
It started out with him doing somersaults around the yard
and has morphed into O attempting to do headstand,
In the back yard,
in the play room and
yes, last night, I caught him in the bathtub-
Flinging his feet upward, donkey style,
and coming down with a large splash.
I watch him partly in awe and partly in horror.
I mean, it hasn’t been that  long since he was able to find balance on his feet,
and now he is trying to find it on the top of his head?
177:365, upside down
I am so worried he is going to hurt his neck as he flips over backwards.
The yoga instructor in me wants to go over all the correct positioning
and set up for such a pose.
I am not sure that my boy, who is two and three quarters
has the patience for that.
I’m not the only one worried.
Even his sister has a look of concern on her face.
What to do, what to do.
Maybe gymnastic classes are in my future???

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  1. backyardink June 30, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    hahah, that’s hilarious. i love all of these! what a boy. 🙂


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