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I often wonder how much he will remember of the time they get to spend together these days. Twice a week they hang out, play and enjoy each other’s company.
All I know is that they have a special bond and it makes me so happy to have made my mom a grandmother.
105:365, peeler
He is a peeler, picker kind of kid. If there are stickers he has the backs removed and them stuck everywhere. If there is part of a book binding or piece of tape that is coming up, even just a little, he has to pull it all the way apart. If there are crayons, the wrapper has to be peeled away, leaving a neat little pile of confetti behind.
When he realized that he could peel oranges(or cuties) and not get in trouble for doing so, it was a natural fit. I am only allowed to start the peeling process and the rest is up to him.
Evening Ride
Daddy-O likes to put Fifi in the pack as he checks the garden and hand waters the yard in the evenings. She loves it up there.
106:365, lemons 
I saw this lemon cake recipe in my roommate’s Every Day Food the other day and had, had, had to make it.
I bought two Meyer lemons and two regular for the recipe. mmmm
holy crap people. make sure you have someone to share it with because otherwise you may consume half of the cake by yourself as you sip your morning coffee…
lemon cake
Next time I am putting it in a bread pan so it comes out like a loaf instead.
I think it will be wonderful like that.

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  1. kyndale_pease April 18, 2011 at 2:40 am

    oh, i love meyer lemons..so yummy. the cake looks so spongy and good. My kids love peeling tangerines too. It’s almost as much fun as getting glue on your hands and peeling it off after it’s dried.

  2. natalie April 18, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I love you blog entries. Just so you know. Enjoy!


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