49:365, first bite

Since we were all home today, (woot! snow day!!) at lunch we decided that Fifi should join us in the fun of actually eating.
She had been showing signs of readiness the past few weeks and the pediatrician had given us the okay well over a month ago- so we gave it a shot- the girl dug it….
stop this train, it’s going to fast!
The first taste,
Um, guys, this is SO not milk.
I will furrow my brow as I contemplate the texture and palatablity of this new food.
Gimme more!
Come on, hurry up Daddy!
almost there….
rice cereal,

2 Comments 49:365, first bite

  1. shopgirl February 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    she is so so beautiful. All the more tender that Daddy is spooning it up (like a champ) Great pictures!
    Note: if you keep feeding them, they keep growing!!! Yeiks!


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